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will Obama increase spending by 425 billion in four years?

OBAMA: "Actually I'm cutting more than I'm spending so that it will be a net spending cut."

THE FACTS: The bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates Obama would increase spending by $425 billion over four years and reduce spending by $144 billion for a net increase in the deficit of $281 billion. Obama has said he'll cut pork-barrel programs and the costs of the war in Iraq to pay for his programs — as well as raise taxes on the wealthy — but the specifics of his new spending plans outweigh the few spending cuts he's identified.

is this wise with the debt we will be in with the bail out?


brian o'leary...i posted the link Yahoo did a fact check they don't twist.

Update 2:

brian o' people are unbelievable you can have fact check or video of someone saying something and you still won't admit it...WOW

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    he has actually stated that he will increase spending by over 9 hundred billion. And his plans to cut taxes on the middle class is a big fat lie. He voted 4 times to raise taxes on people making just 42,000 a year. And can anyone give me an example of a democrat cutting taxes on anyone. It just doesn't happen.

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    Reagan is the president who massively greater borrowing and the national debt, putting the table for the excess of the two Bush presidents, with basically a momentary repreive interior the middle with Clinton, who befell to be a Democrat. Now Obama ought to sparkling up between the biggest financial messes in history, a large number he inherited from the main incompetent president in history. The neocons have not have been given any coin in complaining approximately Obama's spending. their very own guy, the single they pretend in no way befell and in no way existed, spent money speedier than a wino can down a jug of Thunderbird. everybody is conscious that the deficit and national debt must be introduced decrease than administration, which incorporate Obama. the only question is a thank you to do it. And doing it the way the neocons choose to, by skill of dumping the load on the elderly, the adverse and the middle type isn't ideal. we don't choose welfare for billionaires.

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    I just want to give a shout out to all those people who make negative statements/comments about Barack Obama.


    Coupled with the comments of McCain and Palin, the polls indicate that such attacks only help Barack Obama.

    It all started to really go sour for the republicans after the VP debate. Perhaps Sara Palin is truly Barack Obama's secret weapon! Of course, the 2nd presidential debate went to Obama yet again!

    Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the US !!

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    Well whoever ends up being president is going to be the most criticized president yet. Because so many issues has gotten out of hand on top of even more issues being created... in my oppinion being president of the US is the shytiest job there is to have lol

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    The proof is in Obama's voting record which he can not lie about. He is going to raise everyone's taxes.

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    My 5 Cents ... You're awesome! Keep up the good questions and facts!!! Maybe someone will finally "get it" one of these times! We can lead them to water, but we can't make them drink, right?!!

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    No, Obama will increase spending by much, much, more.

    He will force the U.S. into the worst economic depression of the world's history.

    He will lead us into war with countries who are now our allies.

    He will destroy the middle class.

    But be happy if you're one of his rich friends on Wall Street, he's got your back.

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    Liberal = higher taxes

    been that way for years, isnt gonna stop any time soon

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    No. Why would Congress allow him to do that? Makes no sense.

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    No, but McCain will increase it by 900 billion.

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