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Why did Charles V summon Martin Luther to trial??

I have an assignment that has this question...and I dont get it please help me!!!



and when WORMS is mentioned....what does that mean?

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    In 1521, the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, demanded that Luther appear before the diet of the Holy Roman Empire at Worms. There was no separation between church and state. Luther was asked to explain his views and Charles ordered him to recant. Luther refused and he was placed under an imperial ban as an outlaw. All of Europe was Catholic at the time; Luther's views, however, were not really new, but an outspoken trend that had been stirring within a lot of people for some time. They catapulted a new religion into a new world rather than going back to a traditional one as he had intended.

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    Since the Catholic Church controlled the Crowned heads of Europe, Luther was accused of being a Heretic for some of his preachings. This made it an offense against the Crown and the King acted on behest of the Church.

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