How does marching band relate to math?

I have a math project done. We have to relate something we love to math. I love marching band. I typed it into google like Math+MarchingBand and got absolutely nothing. If anyone can help, that'd be awesome. If not, I'll just change my topic.

Anything helps. Please and thanks.


I apologise. It's supposed to say 'Math project due' not 'done'

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    Geometry of course

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    Well a couple ways is steps per minute. I don't do marching band I would guess that you march to the tempo of the music. Ask the teacher how fast you play, example 120 that is how many beats per minute. I guess you could you that for something or distance marched in a 80 barred song at 100. something along those lines might work.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Correct me if im wrong...

    Counting sets. When the director says set 24 (after whatever) and it's 3/4 time, you know it' s measure 8 because 24/3=8.

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