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Waiver wire pick up!! Should I do this?

Should I pick up Torry Holt off the waiver wire? Someone dropped him two days ago and I got 1st waiver priority. Should I pick him up and drop Eddie Royal?? The rest of my WRs are:

Andre Johnson

Plaxico Burress

Santonio Holmes

Bobby Engram (I Just added)

Eddie Royal

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    No way. Holt is never going to put up the numbers he used to. He's getting old and the O-Line can't protect well enough to help Bulger. You have plenty of starters anyhow with Plaxico and Santonio and Andre Johnson, no point in making a move for a bench player and giving up your waiver wire position. Save it for when you need it.

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    id drop engram and pick up holt.

    Seattle has been slumping this whole year and eddie royal is the #2 reciever on Denver (and considering they pass 70% of the time that should be good)

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    I don't know i might keep eddie royal he has a better QB then Torry Holt does, and a better overall team.

  • Asia
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    4 years ago

    Well it depends on who is available. Guys like Eric Decker, Steve Breaston, Plaxico Burress, and Torrey Smith could be available. For T.E i would go with Miller since Davis is getting overplayed by Cooley ever since 2 weeks ago

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    no brainer, pick up holt. drop either royal or engram.

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    i say yeah because you never know with holt he could explode the rest of the season he was my 5th round draft pick and maybe hell shape up

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    Yes, Royal is hurt. Bulger will make it worth your while.

  • jm
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    1 decade ago

    yes. was royal hurt in sunday's game.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would. Royal is to inconsistent,

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