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Will this have an adverse effect on CEC?

As a hobby I am making pellets from sheep manure, these pellets extrude much better with the addition of around 3% refined Light Kaolin BP it also makes them hold together better and reduces dust. My question is, will the Kaolin bind to some of the useful metals in the manure and not make them available to plants and then slowly wash down below the root zone? The Kaolin is normally far too expensive to use in this situation and Bentonite I am sure would be preferable but I have a vast quantity of this Kaolin Bp and sheep manure I need to do something with.


Light Kaolin BP is refined to Pharmaceutical quality with just about all the impurities removed, this includes useful metals like Iron and the nasties like Arsenic.

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    Any clay is going to raise the CEC and make minerals less available to plants. However, 3% of the manure is going to translate into very tiny amounts when applied to a given area. The results would probably be negligible.

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