what are some topics about corruption in India?

I am doing a research paper on corruption in INdia as a broad topic. Within it, i need a specific question or experiment to research, like "how does corruption in India relate to poverty" or something specific....anyone have some interesting ideas?

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    Corruption King of India - Lalu Prasad Yadav, sometimes spelt as Laloo Prasad[1] or Lalloo Prasad, (Devanāgarī: लालू प्रसाद यादव) Lālu Prasād (born June 11, 1947 Goplaganj, Bihar[2]) is an Indian politician from the state of Bihar. He is currently the Minister of Railways in the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and the president of the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

    He is currently a Member of Parliament in the 14th Lok Sabha from the Chhapra constituency. He is known for his charismatic leadership and mass appeal among some of the backward castes and religious minorities,[3][4] caste-based politics,[4] as well as for the many corruption cases against him during his political tenure.


    Lalu has been charged with corruption cases, the most famous being the "Fodder scam". In the Fodder Scam, the funds meant for cattle fodder were diverted from the animal husbandry department. Lalu was one of the main accused in multi-million rupee scam. After corruption charges compelled Lalu to step down as chief minister of Bihar in 1997, he made his wife Rabri Devi the chief minister. From 1997 to 2001, Lalu was sent to jail five times. Lalu was first sent to "Judicial remand" (Bihar Military Police guest house, Patna) on July 30, 1997 for 134 days. On October 28, 1998, he was sent again to the same guest house for 73 days. When the Supreme Court of India took exception to his guest house stay, he was shifted to the Beur jail in Patna. He was later remanded for 11 days on April 5, 2000, in a disproportionate assets case. He surrendered along with his wife, Rabri Devi, and was sent to the Beur Jail. Due to proceedings in the fodder scam, Lalu was remanded for a day in Beur jail on November 28, 2000.

    On November 26, 2001, he was again remanded, in a case related to the Fodder scam. Lalu accused NDA of creating a conspiracy against him. On October 1, 2004 the Supreme Court of India served a notice to Lalu and Rabri Devi on fodder scam. This was in response to a petition, which alleged that they have been interfering with the investigation.

    Laloo Prasad Yadav and his wife, Rabri Devi have been acquitted in disproportionate assets as per judgment delivered on 18 December 2006.

    In August 2008, CNN-IBN alleged that Lalu Prasad had misused his position as the Union Railway Minister to help his relatives acquire land. A year-long investigation by IBN7 shows that Lalu bought land, worth several lakh rupees for his relatives, from those who aspired for a job in the Railways.

    Accusations against the BJP

    On August 5, 2004, Yadav claimed that L.K.Advani, senior BJP leader and leader of the Opposition was an accused in a conspiracy to kill Mohammed Ali Jinnah and described him as an 'international absconder'. On September 14, 2004 Lalu asked L.K.Advani to come clean on ‘his involvement' in the alleged conspiracy to assassinate the founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah

    On September 28, 2004,Lalu alleged Mr. Venkaiah Naidu,the then Union Rural Minister, of having sold 55,000 tonnes of wheat in the name of drought relief distribution in AP. "A CBI probe will be initiated to find the truth" he said.

    Perceived institutional bias against Lalu

    Supporters of Lalu Yadav have claimed of Lalu being subject of institutional bias against him, which can be divided into: Media bias and other institutional biases.

    Although he has maintained a good relationship with the media, at times he has accused the media of being unfair, and has even gone so far as to threaten to sue certain media outlets for defamation. AlthoughThe Media bias against him has been recognised by certain sections of press, the media counters this claim that it has simply been highlighting corruption cases against Lalu as a part of its function as a free press.

    Lalu and his supporters have also claimed that some other institutions like the Election Commission of India have shown a bias against him on many occasions, the most recent being the last Bihar State Assembly Election, whereas the Election Commission claims that it always has simply been doing its duty to prevent frauds and unethical behavior committed by Lalu and his supporters during Bihar state/general elections. Supporter of SIMI: he have supported SIMI after the July serial blast, many say as to appease the Muslim Vote Bank.

    other major scams (keywords for google search)

    Petrol Pump Scam: SC notices to allottees : By IndiaExpress Bureau

    Pump scam: SC seeks details from Centre:

    Outlookindia.com : Wired

    Pump allotments no scam: Jaya Jaitly

    Jain hawala case

    HC seeks IT's status report of Jain-Hawala accused persons

    HC seeks IT assessment report of Jain-Hawala scam accused

    Arif Khan acquitted in Jain hawala case

    All discharged in Jain hawala case

    CVC refers 'some names' in hawala case to CBI

    Jain dairies actually disprove case against Advani, says Jethmalani

    Ex-CBI official accuses Vijaya Rama Rao

    Scope of probe into Advani, Sinha was limited

    Panja, Shiv Shankar, Sinha and Vora discharged in Jain hawala case

    Balram Jakhar acquitted in Jain hawala scandal

    Court 'nails down' Advani's claim in Hawala case

    HDW Submarine

    Swiss Govt sets conditions for help in HDW submarine probe

    HDW probe slow: H.C.

    HDW case being pursued, CBI tells court

    HDW probe revealed nothing against accused: CBI

    HC expresses displeasure over probe in HDW case

    Bitumen Scam

    High Court dissatisfied with CBI probe into bitumen scam

    High Court dissatisfied with CBI probe into bitumen scam

    The golden dictum: Corrupt shall inherit Bihar

    Gunny bags with currency notes recovered from Bihar minister

    The Noose Tightens

    Tansi Land Deal

    Charges framed against Jaya in Tansi land deal case

    Jaya gets three years' RI in Tansi land case

    Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu gets five-year jail term

    Tansi case: accused questioning scheduled for 19 June

    Jayalalitha discharged in Tansi land case

    HC notice to Jayalalitha in Tansi case

    Judging Jaya

    SC okays trial against Jaya in Tansi case

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