your highlight of ecuador? ?

where was your favorite location?

your favorite dish?


thank you!(=

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    I've done a fair amount of traveling around Ecuador over the past 6 years, including the cities of Manta, Salinas, Guayaquil, Ambato, Baños, Quito, and Otavalo.

    It's a tough call to decide between my top two destinations of Baños and Otavalo. Baños and the surrounding area are known for a number of gorgeous waterfalls and natural springs, not to mention its location at the base of an active volcano.

    Otavalo is equally beautiful and gives a great introduction to some of the indigenous cultures of Ecuador.

    My favorite dish continues to be chiviche (a seafood dish that is cooked using lemon juice, which I enjoy every Sunday.

    As for siteseeing, know that Ecuador's most popular destination continues to be the Galapagos Islands, famous for being the location where Charles Darwin estabished his theory of natural selection. In fact, Ecuador as a whole is a marvel of ecological diversity, and something to behold.

    If i was to pick one place though, i'd probably recommend the Teleferiqo a cable car system that that extends from the city of Quito up into the mountains that surround the city. From the top, you are afforded a incredible view of all of Quito and the volcanos of Cotopaxi and Pinchincha.

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    ,It's hard to define what your highlight of Ecuador would be, not knowing you personally, but my highlight of Ecuador is definitely Quito colonial since I love churches and old towns. My favorite location is Carmen Alto with its extended Arco de La Reina. In the little store there, you can buy all kinds of natural creams, shampoos and other things. My favorite dish is the stuffed avodado dish at El Criollo Restaurant. Then, for sightseeing, my very favorite are the waterfalls in and around Banos, south of Quito. Those waterfalls run from the holy waterfall in Banos, to those you take a tour to see, which includes cable cars, bunjee jumping and the waterfall at the end that you can get into. Check out my website at and let your tastes be your guide, (You can find addresses there.) I have not yet added Banos, but I will. There you can find several excellent restaurants, an excellent tour guide, and much more.

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