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Graduate School Question?

I'm a junior in college & I'm an English major, I am thinking about pursuing graduate education. After undergrad, I plan on going into teaching by way of ACP (alternative certification programs) but I am considering also becoming a school counselor? What would you recommend studying in graduate school? I was thinking of Psychology or Sociology...

Thanks for the help.

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    Check to see if your graduate school of choice offers a School Counselor track. Many of them link into a Licensed Professional Counselor track that fulfills academic requirements for the LPC licensure exam. LPC will allow you to work in private practice or as a counselor independent of a school environment.

    At the grad. school of education that I worked for, the SC track was 48 credits; the LPC was an additional 18. Students could qualify for the SC credential and gain additional marketability by continuing with the LPC.

    ACP programs are a great way to fast track into teaching. I think it is great that you want to be a teacher and possibly a school counselor. Best of luck to you!

    Source(s): 25 years higher ed admission and advising administration; faculty
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    In my experience and opinion, psychology is a more versatile area of study. That may not seem as important now but when you get in the "real world" of work :), it may benefit you more moving forward in your career (god forbid something happen - like to many today as result of world and life). i.e. I do believe it's considered more of an asset than sociology overall (unless you're focusing on something very specific where sociology may be more beneficial).

    Regardless, you really should speak to your counselor at college...or some professional in the field you're looking to go into. Hands down, they will have better and more applicable feedback for you than a bunch of us who aren't in the same field / different educations / goals for the most part. :)

    Source(s): International business professional / 3 college degrees :)
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    psychology would help them with their problems and sociology it talking to people and forming relationships. so if you already good talking to people you should go for the psychology.

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