is there a certain age you have to be to receive military spouse benefits?

my fiance is in iraq and we are gettin married when he gets his 2 weeks of r&r i know the legal age to be married in my state and i dont need to know if im not 18 he shouldnt be with me or let alone marry me thats not my question i just want to know if there is a certain age you have to be to receive the benefits because i heard that there is and im not marryin him for the benefits i just wanted to know so i dont need toknow about that either

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    You can get married and you'll get the medical, commissary, housing and other regular benefits of any spouse.

    BUT!! Because you are under 18 you're a minor and can't execute a legal contract. This can be REALLY important ***if he deploys again and you are still underage***. He can't give you power of attorney, you can't convey or receive property, rent an apartment, turn on electricity, register his car, and (God forbid) if something happens to him, everything may go to a trustee (not you) until you're 18.

    He needs to talk to a base lawyer and tell them, "My spouse is a minor." How does this impact her ability to execute my Power of Attorney? How should I write my will? Does she need a medical power of attorney?

    Source(s): I saw your question and asked our own JAG. The lawyer freaked out. Regardless of marriage, you're still a minor and can't legally do anything if he isn't there to conduct business, and he can't legally empower you to do anything.
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    age has no bearing on your benefits. I am 17 and married to my 18 year old soldier, and i still get all the benefits of a military spouse. as long as it is a LEGAL marriage, not just the two of you considering yourselves married, you get all the benefits. age is never a factor for a military spouse receiving benefits.

    btw, just because you aren't 18, don't ever let anyone tell you you shouldn't be with the man you love. its not wrong just because threes a year or so between you.

    Source(s): Proud Army Wife
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    As long as you are legally married, you are considered his dependent, and there should be no issue with receiving any benefits you are entitled to. Best wishes to you!

    Source(s): Military spouse. :D
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    Like I said before, you do not receive the pay, he does so age is not an issue.

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