Ptc websites how they earn?

Hello i saw allot of ptc websites but i cant find where they do earn here

lets say

you buy in 200$ 200 refs those 200 refs click lets say 5 ads per day

so 200x0.05 = 10$ Daily and that's 300$ monthly now the admin earned 200$ and he needs to pay you 300$ o.O please explain to me ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    that is just a calculation on how much u can earn through this program.

    i will explain you how to earn

    1.register in those sites for free. then go to surf ads or view ads.

    2.never upgrade to premium user initially. WOT add on for firefox browser to avoid scam sites. the site with green color ring says the site as trust worthy. but the better thing is to experiment by registering. u can easily earn 100$ - 200$ every month. i have registered in more than 100 sites. the more sites u register the more safe you are. if there is a problem with a site u can manage with other.You can refer this site for some genuine ptc sites.

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