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Should Nascar ban all racing below the line?

at this time its only Talledega and Daytona..should the same rule apply to all other tracks

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    Not after this weekend's fiasco, I think they should get rid of it at the plate tracks, drivers know to stay on the track, the car won't run on the apron so they won't go down there anyway. The rule is just to iffy and usually comes down to a judgment call and everyone always has their different opinion on those.

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    I dont think so.

    I think it is perfectly fine the way it is at just Daytona and Talladega.

    Especially since they are like the two largest tracks and have enough room with out going below the line to go 4 wide.

    If you made it so you couldnt go below the line on all the races. Bristol would have problems because they can barely fit 2 wide on that track and much the same on some of the other tracks.

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    4 years ago

    If they resurface anymore tracks, that's going to create some problems, then there is the issue of the tires. Even with testing at non Nascar tracks teams can work on their setups and tire wear but it won't help much at a sanctioned track where the surface is totally different. The smaller teams and the younger drivers are really going to be the ones who suffer the most. I agree, they do things like this on purpose. We all know they have no financial crunch whatsoever. Sounds like next year will be another record setting year for cautions.

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    The rule is good. How they interpret the rule is what sucks. A driver should be able to pass below the line only if a driver is forced. That is the safest way to keep the yellow line rule in place. If the person blocking goes below the line then he should be black flagged.

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  • Absolutely not! There at those 2 tracks for a very specific reason.

    On smaller tracks, not only is it not needed, it could make the racing worse and cause more wrecks.

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    I don't see why they need it at Talladega and Daytona. Drivers have never run on the apron in the past in the turns. It's lunacy. You know you're going to wreck then.

    But it certainly doesn't need to be extended to other tracks.

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    The yellow line is the problem!!!! Get rid of it! If they want ot race on the grass let em, but i dont think thats the fastest way around.

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    I think that the drivers should be able to pass in the grass if they are able to do so.This yellow line crap is ridiculous and should be done away with.Remember Earnhardt's "pass in the grass"?That's racing;not playing follow the leader on the last lap.

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    Matter of fact, your question should the other way around...

    Then I would say get rid of no racing below the line

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  • I think they should then there wouldn't of been any doubt on who won Sunday, if they do it at one they should do it at all tracks, just my opinion

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