has Obama ever had a job?


Oh brother I do have a Job and I see all my money going right into his special intrests when he gets in . hold on to your wallets kids it is going to get tough

Update 2:

funny Law girl have you ever had a job. Or do you call lawyer a job I think it is a pick pocket ocupation but stilla job I guess

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    Yes, he has.

    Barack Obama Work Experience -

    - 1983-1984, Writer/Researcher for Business International Corporation

    - 1984-1985, Community Organizer for New York Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)

    - 1985-1988, Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP)

    - 1992, Led Chicago's "Project Vote!" campaign

    - 1993-2002, Worked as an associate attorney with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland.

    - 1993-2004, Visiting Law and Government Fellow, then Senior Lecturer, in Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School. Taught courses on the due process and equal protection areas of constitutional law, on voting rights, and on racism and law. Helped develop a casebook on voting rights.

    - 1996-2004, State Senator, Illinois

    - 2004-Present, United States Senator, Illinois

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    Yes. He was on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which distributed tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to groups possibly directed by terrorist William Ayers (he was on the Collaborative board- overseeing what Obama was doing) This was supposed to be given to improve the Chicago public school system, but apparently CPS didn't know or didn't mind that the challenge was loosely, if at all structured, was pretty much a complete failure, and pretty much all of the money went to fund social activist groups instead of towards improving test scores etc. I believe ACORN (which I am sure you have heard of or will soon) was one of those groups. Acorn is a group that may be largely to blame for the bad loans that have essentially caused the collapse of our banking system. It is also a group that has been accused of a lot of voter fraud and has intimidated businesses by crying "RACISM" at everything.

    He was also state senator of Illinois but maybe this was just a part time job because he couldn't seem to make up his mind about things (voted PRESENT instead of YES or NO, I believe over 100 times). He is a US Senator, but really he has always just been a Presidential candidate. Did I mention book reviewer? Oh yes, he gave a wonderful review of the terrorist WIlliam Ayers book. Not sure how he did this, since he really doesn't KNOW him- nudge nudge, wink wink:)

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    He was a community organizer, an Illinois state Senator, and a US Senator

    I think he may have worked as a lawyer once

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    You are just making yourself look like an idiot, because I think most people agree that being a lawyer, a law professor, a state senator, and a US senator is a pretty good resume.

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    Would some one who never held a job, be running for president?

    He's held many jobs, including those with a Harvard Law Degree.

    He is currently a senator.


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    Yes, of course.

    He was a community organizer.

    He was a professor teaching constitutional law.

    He was a civil rights lawyer.

    He was a state representative.

    He is a U.S. senator.

    Source(s): .
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    Yes. He worked, as we all know, as a community organizer. He also worked as an attorney with a private law firm, and as a teacher at University of Chicago Law School.

    Contrast that with McCain, who has held only one private-sector job in his life, a job given to him by his rich second father-in-law.

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    Does been a senator count as a job?

    The real question is whether Mcain has ever had a REAL job.

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    Read "Early Life & career" section


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    Law professor

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