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Do you feel that America is at a turning point in our history...?

...or that all the "bad" news about our financial system & run away government debt spending, bail outs etc. is irrelevant to ours/yours future? My priority concerns are...

(1) Government no longer responding to the peoples voice.

(2) Our hyper inflation fiat currency.

(3) Elected officials apparent disregard for constitutional law.

(4) Government encroachment into ALL aspects of the citizenries private affairs.

(5) Taxes no longer being used to fund LIMITED government, but being used as a people control/social engineering medium.

At my age I can look back many decades now. The America I see today, is NOT the country I remember in 1978, 1968 & certainly NOT 1958. I do realize that technology has certainly bettered the average Americans life. BUT, in my opinion the concerns I listed above have not!

If you see the above mentioned concerns of mine a serious problem, what are you personally doing to address them?


Robyn hon, 10-4 on the Barney Frank. You see it too, #(4) they are even into our personal finances, child rearing, bedrooms/playrooms, personal use of our private property & THOUGHT control(Politically Correct)!

Your both wrong & right on #(5), government WILL take care of us but NOT as we are led to believe! Cradle to grave is NOT for John Q. Citizens benefit, it is social engineering for total governmental control over our citizenry, it definitely does NOT originate from with in the USA!

"...someone I like, not the lesser of two evils". Vote your conscience on who serves America best as to our founding fathers ORIGINAL intent. Voting for the less of two evils is like voting for pazuzzo or satan!!! Hang in there as America has not went down, YET!

Update 2:

Kelvinis...Your right on this one Big Daddy!

Update 3: looking for the best answer with that simple but TRUTHFUL statement!

Update 4:

Maggie hon... we are in some serious HOT water, & NOT just financially!!!

Update 5:

Sunny louise...your on deck for possible best answer!

Update 6:

Jim, I failed 95% of the test you just gave me. I do have a gold/silver supply, enough to get me thru about three years of life at current cost of living.

I do pay taxes(extortion) because I do not know how to defend my self at this time.

I do email my reps, vote & use our Y/A's board to try to stimulate people to see a more Libertarian view point.

Regarding the rest of the "test", I failed dismally.

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    You know BOBO - you asked the right question but you asked the wrong person.

    You asked people here "what are they doing to address your concerns"

    You should be asking that of YOURSELF

    Now, dont get me wrong here and dont feel like I am agianst you on this one. You are very right to be concerned. Its just that you cant control anything that anyone else is doing - you can ONLY control that which YOU are doing.

    Its all about responsibility. If you are responsible for yourself and you stand up for yourself you are doing fine.

    This isnt about what people can do for you or what people can do for thier country - it is all about what people are doing for themselves.

    Since people are NOT being responsible for themselves they become dependent on someone else - most people depend on the government - and that is WHY we have the problems we have today.

    Just think about it before you disagree with it. If everyone was responsible for themselves and actually acted accordingly - do you honestly think we would have the big welfare government we have today?

    As for the very concerns you listed - lets see if you are using any alternatives yourself. You listed:

    (1) Government no longer responding to the peoples voice.

    Did you write your government critters? Did you get a group together to write to them? What about a group to get rid of them for not obeying the constitution? Do you walk the streets an dtell people what is really gong on? Have you educated people about how to defend themselves against these tyrants? Do you know how to do so for yourself?

    (2) Our hyper inflation fiat currency.

    How much gold have you bought? What about silver? Are you using the barter system with yoru neighbors? What other forms of currency are you using..liberty dollars? OR are you using the fiat system an dperpetuating the problem as you see it?

    (3) Elected officials apparent disregard for constitutional law.

    see response to number one

    (4) Government encroachment into ALL aspects of the citizenries private affairs.

    What have you done to stop this for yourself? Have you gotten your land patent yet? Do you follow th eunjust laws or do you do what you want regardless? Do you stop government officials when you see them intereferrring in your neighbors life? Have you taught your neighbors how to protect themselves against these intrusions?

    (5) Taxes no longer being used to fund LIMITED government, but being used as a people control/social engineering medium.

    This has always been true - do you still pay them even though you dont have to? Have you educated yourself and those around you about the tax law? Have you fought against this an dstopped it from happening? OR do you just pay them becuase its eaiser to pay the extortion then it is to stand up agianst it?

    You see? Do you understand? Its not a question of what others are going to do about your concerns - its a question about what are YOU going to do about YOUR concerns.

    The answer applies to everyone - if we ALL did what we were supposed to do to begin with the government woudlnt be where it is today. If we ALL to what we are supposed to do the government will shrink over night. The problem is fear and people are afraid to be responsible for themselves because its always eaiser to blame someone if they make a mistake.

    If everyone in the country stopped paying income today - what would the government do put a wall around the US and say we are all in jail - LOL - come on - why do you think they pulled the wool over everyones eyes an dforced employers to remove the monies first before you even get it - dont you think they know about this already?

    The same goes for every single one of your concerns - if everyone in the US did what they were suppose to do what to you think the government reaction would be - LOL

    SO - now that you have this lesson - an dyou realize YOU are responsible for YOURSELF - I ask you "what are you doing about these things that concern you"

    I ask all the other people who are reading this or who have already responsded - if you have the same concerns - "what are you doing about these things that concern you"

    Dont wait for others to do something about it - get up an ddo it yourself. You can ONLY control that which YOU do and think - so start taking control and be responsible for yourself.

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    A lot of people in Congress are there for power and glory and getting rich for the most part. Many are rich, but they don't work together for thte common good of the country. Big Government - No one wants a lot of government workers on payroll, but yet they want something when things go tough from the government. The Congress writes so many regulations that it is hard for them to be implemented in a complete and responsibile way because there are not enough employees to get the work done. There are too many executive type positions who get paid large salaries and are political appointments and politics gets in involved so that the average government worker cannot make decisions or get the job done effiecently. It will never change. It will never change unless the regulations are more simplified and less cumbersome,fewer layers of government appointees, but still be able to function properly. Ask any government employee that and I bet you will get the same answer.

    Things are much different than years back, but the education system has changed so that those who become radical cause a lot of problems, too many one parent families, not enough spiritual believes, a lack of empathy for one another. Less respect for law and order. This all cost the government tax system. College standards have changed both in ideology and justness in true believes in the way our country was founded on, so things have really gotten out of wack and it needs fixing.

    Some of the things that I do to address my concerns, I write to people on blogs, my congressional folks, friends and anyone I can help. Then I know that I have done all I can do. I'm just an ordinary Joe Citizens.

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    I'm really concerned about my little investment account. It's declined a lot in value. However I'm not going to jump ship since I'm not going to be able to make up the loss with a 1% savings account. It will come back, after Barry is out of office.

    I agree we're in hot water - heat on the kettle has has been increasing and the frog has been too stupid to notice to jump out and is being cooked alive. (old metaphor)

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    ok time to criticize your fees. "in simple terms approximately each action picture you watch has some completely unecessary intercourse scene" = intercourse brings greater visitors to the action picture. "we've people who coach our babies to hate the ideas and history this u . s . a . became in keeping with" =There are not this way of instructors, except your babies are taught by skill of extremists. "We even have the worst crime value of the stepped forward countries, to boot as between the backside features of existence between them" = actual, ever heard of Mexico's drug cartels killing human beings interior the streets and taking there heads with them? or perhaps the adverse human beings in Haiti and different African countries? we've freedoms many others have not got, you look to take that for granite. "Polls have additionally shown that we've between the utmost fees of primary sadness interior the international." = it quite is fake, a polltaken of the happiest countries interior the international placed the US at sixteenth, with Zimbabwe ranked final at 162nd. "You bypass to an city mall and notice gang contributors strolling around like they very own the region." = the place the hell do you reside guy? in liberty city? the two you reside in an quite adverse area of usa or you deny many components of your existence form.

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    This is why we need someone who will concentrate on the US instead of everyone else.

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    Humanity is - this is the NWO's endgame for total control.

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    this country is in deep horse poopoo!

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