when to start dating again after my divorce ?

i am 32 years old . a single mother of two great kids a 13 years old daughter and a 11 year old son. i was i love with my husband but he did not love me and has told me many times while we were married. so i don't know what it feels like to bo loved back. i don't want to rush into a new spouse again because that's what i did with my x. i want to take my time and get to know the guy first. i didn't really get to know my x before i married him . we met in 93 got married in 94 had our first baby in 95 bought a house in 96 had our second baby in 97 and it just keeps going on from there until the divorce in 07. he just got remarried 2 months ago but moved her and her 2 kids in to my old house 2 weeks after i left and that has been really hard on my 2 kids. i got over him long ago but the kids still have a really hard time with it . i don't want them to feel that again. i don't want to push other people in to their lives . i asked my son what he thought about me starting to date someone. he wasn't happy about it at all. and i am also afraid. what do i do?

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    Your kids are older now. I know how they feel, but they need to understand that you as their mom have needs. Tell them that no man can replace their dad, but you need to find love again. I think if you explain it to them, they might understand. Give love a chance......

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    if you are just dying to get out and date, then do so

    just explain to your kids that you are lonely and need adult company

    many people who divorce wait a year or so before dating to give them some time to heal and settle into a new life style, but a year is plenty of time

    your kids are feeling lost and don't want the competition right now for your affection and attention, but they will adjust... explain to them that you need adult company and you are going to date but you don't plan on moving anyone into your home right now or anything, let them ask you questions, you might be surprised what the insecurities lurking around for them are

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    hey Lizz i began out relationship with regard to the same time after a marriage ended. There isn;t actually everybody which could say once you waiting , in spite of everything you're you and you're unique. So a thank you to fulfill somebody, the guidelines nonetheless stick to candy, adult males stick to their little heads and that they provide you with sufficient flannel to get their palms on your chocolates. ( i'm a guy). i think of that the main severe element is do no longer introduce any of them on your stunning daughters. I actual have a 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old and that i think of she has met considered one of six females that I actual have dated and that i'm nonetheless along with her, she in no way even met the females I dated who had a horse a lot to my daughters sadness. it quite is totally complicated for their thoughts. in simple terms get the females settled with the infant sitter and decide for a drink, it quite is in spite of everything a drink basically, no longer a marriage concept.. savour the attention, experience like a females back, savour the buzz, the dressing up, the nerves and have exciting. remember no person says he's mr actual even nevertheless he might have self assurance his very own BS. For me I choose relationship with females that have little ones, they're greater mature and that they understand in no thank you to ask you to choose on, they have staying power and stretch marks and that i understand they have stretch marks so if the lighting fixtures fixtures are on no one would be embarrassed ....ha ha. do exactly no longer forget which you're a alluring females and you do no longer choose a dad to your daughters. have exciting.

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    I would say that this is something to pray about it is almost like starting a new life why don't you just get on your knees and pray about it and ask the lord to guide you help you in all your decisions your children are old enough to understand you do have a life of your own and there are somethings in life that makes us happy like finding someone to love and they love you back it is never to soon to date after a divorce because it sounds like to me your ex already had someone he is married already and how could he move another family in the home you guy's shared he should have brought another one for his new wife it say's a lot about her to my god your ex did not deserve you anyway ask god to send you someone who will love you and you love them back in return pray for your family(your children) for understanding and don't be afraid it will all come together for you>>>>GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

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    I can tell you one thing. Don't ask your kids when it is good to start dating someone else. How do you expect them to react to that?

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    before the Ink Dries

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