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Who would win these battles between movie villains?

Imagine this is set up like a tournament. Who would win the tournament? Here are the fights:

Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees

Freddy Kruger VS Pinhead

Pumpkinhead VS The Creeper

Ghostface (Scream killer) VS Leatherface

Chucky VS Leprechaun

Hannibal Lecter VS Norman Bates

Pennywise VS Jackfrost

Jigsaw (Saw) VS The Devils Rejects

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    the devils rejects

  • John A
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    1 decade ago

    Jason Voorhees

    Freddy Kruger

    The Creeper



    Hannibal Lecter


    The Devils Rejects

  • B!
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    1 decade ago

    Jason Voorhees

    Freddy Kruger

    The Creeper



    Hannibal Lecter


    The Devils Rejects

    • Alexander6 years agoReport

      Sorry but I don't agree with Ghostface beating Leatherface.
      Ghostface calls women and them kills them with a knife, while Leatherface has a chainsaw and he can't talk so if Ghostface would've called Leatherface, he would just hang up the phone. And I don't think a knife could beat a chainsaw.

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    Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees Mikey Freddy Kruger VS Pinhead Pinhead Pumpkinhead VS The Creeper Punkin' Ghostface (Scream killer) VS Leatherface Leatherface Chucky VS Leprechaun Leprechaun Hannibal Lecter VS Norman Bates Hannibal Pennywise VS Jackfrost Wha...? Jigsaw (Saw) VS The Devils Rejects The Rejects

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  • Anonymous
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    A fight between Myers and Voorhees would be interested for the reason that they're both very similar. They're both similar in appearence, killing style, and invulnurability. It takes a lot to put them out. I believe some of the only ways to kill them would be to maybe drown them, destroy their heart, or blow them up, so in a battle between Myers and Voorhees, I don't see either one killing the other, unless one of them brings a rocket launcher to the fight, and neither of them are known for using anything much aside from a large knife or machete, and neither are going to die via a stab wound.

    For the sake of the fight, I'll pick Michael. I feel he has superior intelligence and would find a way to put Jason away.

    Freddy VS Pinhead-

    Freddy is in hell, and Pinhead IS hell. While Freddy would be a dominating force for most of the opponents on the list, Pinhead is probably HIS worst nightmare.

    Pumpkinhead VS The Creeper-

    I like this fight. A fight between two demonic beings. The Creeper can fly, can regenerate, and can form his own weapons. Pumpkinhead is a demonic being with superhuman strength. It's a hard call, but I'm going to pick The Creeper based off of him being a bit more well rounded.

    Ghostface VS Leatherface-

    I'd think Leatherface would do away with Ghostface rather easily. From what I know, neither of them possess any ability to be invincible, and Leatherfaces chainsaw would be too much for Ghostfaces' knife. I'd pick Leatherface via slice and dice.

    Chucky VS Leprechaun-

    Leprechaun has more ways to kill Chucky than the other way around.

    Hannibal Lecter VS Norman Bates-

    Another interesting fight, but I'll go with ol' Hannibal here.

    Pennywise VS Jackfrost-

    They're both virtually the same, except one takes the form of a clown and the other a snowman. I'll flip a coin and say Jackfrost.

    Jigsaw VS The Devils Rejects-

    They each have totally different ways of killing. Jigsaw by no means is an expert in solo killing. He uses his superior intelligence to create machines to do the job for him. The Devils Rejects do all of the killing on their own. It all depends on the scenario. The Devils Rejects could easily stab Jigsaw, and kill him, or Jigsaw could rig up a room, and the Devils Rejects could find themselves locked in a head trap with a time bomb.

    Too many variables to call.

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    Michael Myers VS Jason Voorhees- jv all the way dude,he has that killer machete

    Freddy Kruger VS Pinhead-pinhead,he freaks me out way more than freddy does

    Pumpkinhead VS The Creeper-the creeper

    Ghostface (Scream killer) VS Leatherface-leatherface,he just doesn't die

    Chucky VS Leprechaun-that would be a draw they would fight then just join forces

    Hannibal Lecter VS Norman Bates-hannibal he is way more sadisitic,ole' normy is just looney tunes

    Pennywise VS Jackfrost-pennywise

    Jigsaw (Saw) VS The Devils Rejects-jigsaw,he would outsmart them

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    Round 1 Round 2 Final

    Freddy vs Chucky

    Michael Michael vs Freddy- Freddy wins vs The Devils

    Freddy Leatherface vs Chucky- Chucky wins Rejects- Freddywin

    Leatherface Hannibal vs Pennywise vs The Devils Rejects- The Devil Reject wins




    The Devils Rejects

  • Anonymous
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    Gosh, this is tough, because I like one more than the other, but some of the ones I like would lose...

    Jason would win b/c he's invincible like MM, but he's stronger according to "Jason Goes to Manhattan", when he punches some guy's head off.

    Freddy b/c he can get in your head

    Leatherface will tear Ghostface a new one to match the scream mask's mouth.

    Leprechaun. I believe a lot of people can stop Chucky, like regular people.

    These are both awesome villains, but Lecter would defeat Norman.

    Pennywise, just because I love scary clowns.

    Jigsaw would have the rejects killing themselves.

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    Pinhead but im going for Freddy

    ?Pumpkinhead dont know either one but it is halloween


    Chucky ( Hide under bed and cut achilles tendon)



    THe Devils Reject ( Would you want to go head to head with Rob Zombie?) Dr. SATAN!..........PS I love God just a quote from movie

  • Elora
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    Pinhead would win the tournament, i think he's the most powerful. Jigsaw can't really do much unless your a pawn in one of his (sick) games.

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