among these technology wic is best sap,oracle,jd edward,BI,peoplesoft?

Best technology to work with and also the technology that has good scope

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not really sure if you understand the scope of your question that contains products that are usually $100k+. These products are used by large corporations to help manage all or a large portion of their business processes. As for who is the best, that is dependent on the rational / philosophy that is used by your company. I suspect that most of the managing processes are HR related, however some of the products displayed here resolve managing of manufacturing processes very well but can't be looked at as the same product overall. I would say that these products all fair well in their desired industries.

    For example:

    "Oracle" does very well in manufacturing, but misses the full-featured HR related functionalities that "Peoplesoft" is known for. "SAP" manages projects very well, but is short on capturing technology, while "JD Edwards" was specifically designed for the financial industry. So who really knows who is the best. It really depends on your industry and own philosophy. You'll need to take this question up a notch and communicate with your own HR / Management departments to better understand what you are looking for, prior to scoping out these fine Management tools.

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