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why do girls get stomach ach in periods?

period problem

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    its god giving you the RED flag that its coming!!

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    The main thing which causes stomach pain with periods are the muscles contracting to get rid of everything.You'll usually find that you experience cramps for about the first 2 days of your period and then everything settles down.I suffer really badly so I know how you feel if you are experiencing this yourself.Take 2 tablets and try and move about,I know this sounds silly but it does work as You're not so tense and it stretches your muscles.If you have trouble sleeping because of the pain then take 2 tablets half an hour before you go to bed and you'll be fine.Ibuprofen work best.

    I hope I have helped!

    Best wishes.

  • SunnyD
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    The blood is no longer keeping the womb tissue alive and it is starting to die inside you. There are toxins generated unless the blood can resorb dead tissue. it is easier to discharge the tissues but there is extra work for the body .

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    its coming, better get a tampon

    someone made us and said this should be the sign

    what a pain, guys are lucky for this part

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