Barack obama is friendly with terrorist (Bill Ayers)?

why is this guy pointed at by the McCain camp as the smoking gun that Obama is a radical if investigations done by journalist haven't pulled up any evidence that there's a close association between Ayers and Obama?


tracey r how about reading the question before you answer

Update 2:

@ Just Me RN: okay so they were in the same room together does that prove Obama is influenced by Ayers radical past?

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    NPR has the truth about Ayers and Chicago, here:

    The story quotes various civic leaders, Republican as well as Democratic, who note that Ayers was accepted as an education expert in Chicago and that NO ONE made a big deal out of his past. The board he and Obama served on was formed by a grant, which AYERS won, from the Annenberg Foundation--yes, the Republican Annenberg, and there were Republicans as well as Democrats on the board.

    Odd that everyone jumps on Obama for his strictly coincidental interaction with Ayers, but no one seems to have a problem with Ayers teaching impressionable young minds for decades at a major university.

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    The facts of the matter are as follows. Ayers served on a few committies with Obama. They have been described by Obama as being on friendly terms. Ayers was an early supporter of Obama's campaign. Ayers was formerly a member of the terrorist Weatherman group. So yes, he's friendly with a terrorist or former terrorist. It doesn't mean Obama himself is radical but Ayers is pretty radical. No one ever claimed they were best friends, however he is close enough to Ayers to be considered to be associated with him. The question you have to ask yourself, and the question every American needs to ask themself, is how closely associated to a terrorist/former terroris can a presidential candidate be before it is too close for your comfort. For me personally, his assocation to Ayers doesn't bother me nearly as much as his dealings with Rezko and his extremely close association with Rev. Wright. But it's not something I'm entirely comforted by either.

    Source(s): I realize you are looking for people to agree with you, but I thought I'd answer the question honestly anyways.
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  • Bob B
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    10-T3 wrote:


    I'm quite surprised that you've revealed your identity, Your Majesty.

    Ayers is the terrorist who founded the group Weather Underground. He spent years on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List for domestic terrorism carried out by his group. The only regret that he's expressed is that he didn't do more.

    While he may try to minimize it, Obama has been his friend for years, ever since Obama's campaign kickoff for the Illinois legislature which was held in Ayers' home. They've served together on the boards of two charitable organizations and spoken as part of the same panel on at least one occasion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    from "National Review"

    When Obama made his first run for political office, articles in both the Chicago Defender and the Hyde Park Herald featured among his qualifications his position as chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation where Ayers was a founder and guiding force. Obama assumed the Annenberg board chairmanship only months before his first run for office, and almost certainly received the job at the behest of Bill Ayers. During Obama’s time as Annenberg board chairman, Ayers’s own education projects received substantial funding. Indeed, during its first year, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge struggled with significant concerns about possible conflicts of interest. With a writ to aid Chicago’s public schools, the Annenberg challenge played a deeply political role in Chicago’s education wars, and as Annenberg board chairman, Obama clearly aligned himself with Ayers’s radical views on education issues. With Obama heading up the board and Ayers heading up the other key operating body of the Annenberg Challenge, the two would necessarily have had a close working relationship for years (therefore “exchanging ideas on a regular basis”). So when Ayers and Dorhn hosted that kickoff for the first Obama campaign, it was not a random happenstance, but merely further evidence of a close and ongoing political partnership. Of course, all of this clearly contradicts Obama’s dismissal of the significance of his relationship with Ayers.

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  • mary z
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    They were on the board of the same charity and they lived down the street from each other..Even Hillary Clinton thought it was a problem. Pretty sad that he has a relationship with a guy who thinks the US Marine Corp is just a bunch of terrorists..Ayers does not think he did anything wrong by bombing within the US.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jesus christ... ok let me put it to you this way...

    When you work on a project with someone do you do a complete background check on them? Or how about asking them "Were you a terrorist when I was 8 years old?". Do you do that? So why don't you do a background check on every single person you meet? After all... one of them 30 years in the past might have done something nasty. I mean... you're supposed to know absolutely everything about everyone that you ever associated with even if THEY don't want you to know it. You're a mind reader right?

    No, of course not. Because only the project matters, not what happened when you were 8.

    Not to mention.... the system exists for people to pay their debts to society and Ayers actions ended decades ago. Are you saying that we should ignore what the system was created for? To give people another chance?

    And for rucks sakes.... Ayers is a goddamned teacher.

    Stop being so arrogant and actually use your brain. You are being incredibly unreasonable.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Documents released Tuesday by the University of Illinois at Chicago shed some light on Barack Obama's relationship with William Ayers, a founding member of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground.

    Obama's association with Ayers, who now teaches at the university, has become an issue in the Illinois senator's presidential campaign. The Weather Underground took credit for several nonfatal bombings on targets that included the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, and critics accuse Obama of rubbing elbows with an unabashed 1960s radical.

    Obama has said that, although he knew Ayers as a professor involved in community outreach efforts in Chicago, he doesn't share Ayers' extreme views.

    The massive collection of newly released documents -- 140 boxes full of them -- includes agendas that clearly put Obama and Ayers in the same room for meetings of Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an educational initiative that Ayers was instrumental in starting and that Obama chaired in the 1990s.

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  • 1 decade ago

    George Bush is friendly with the bin Laden family, but no one saw that one coming. It's the only thing republicans can come up with that scares people. There is no real connection between Ayers and Obama, other than what EVERYONE already knows. But that's all the repubes have on him. Desperate candidates do desperate things.

    matt b, you need to switch to decaf and stop watching scary movies or that thing that's under your bed will come out tonight and bite your toes off.

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  • rager
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    3 years ago

    Lol who ever believes this could be an entire nimrod. Do they actually think of he could be a presidential Candidate if he became fricken buddies with terrorists? HMM.. i think of no longer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So what!

    I haven't seen McCain/Palin with any terrorist either; we don't even know their stand on what they are really going to do if anything happen again(God forbid)

    I know Palin will run for cover back to Russia...sorry I mean back to Alaska and McCain......I don't know..

    At least Obama will try democracy unlike no democracy that was practiced before.

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