F.6 Econ Tautology Question

"When two soldiers go into war,fate is often used to explain why one soldiercomes back alibe and another dies. Explain why this theory of "fate" is a tautology."

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Fate is not independently observable. You cannot tell anything about fate before an event. It is only after the event that you attribute the result to fate. In this way, fate cannot be wrong but it also explains nothing.

    The fate of each soldier is not known before going into war. It is only after the war that we know which soldier survives and which died. The fate of each soldier is only known after the war. We call the one who survives having good luck and fate is on his side. Having survived the war and good fate is one and the same thing. It cannot be wrong, it cannot be proved and it cannot be refuted. Therefore using fate as an explanation is a tautology.

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