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您好,我叫XXX,近日得知貴公司在徵Sales Assistant,目前在貿易公司在職中,工作內容和貴公司所提及之性質內容相似,包含:和國外代理公司業務E-Mail往來聯絡、國內工廠出貨跟催確認、報價前置(由主管做最後CMT確認)、採購訂單所需副料等,在職場三年的時間讓我英文聽說讀寫讀能力皆有中上程度,且對電腦文書作業系統相當熟稔,還請您給我一個面試的機會,謝謝!!



Hi, My name is Sharon,

Update 2:

I have noted that sales assistant is needed by your company from 104 website.

Update 3:

I have been worked in a trading company that in garment industrial

Update 4:

for 2 years, since I have to move back to my hometown due to some personal reasons,

Update 5:

and after I reviewing all information about your company, I think I would be the one that most suitable for this job per my relative experierce and specific skills

Please kindly give me a chance, I will show you what I mentioned in this mail

Update 6:


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    Hello, My name is Sharon. Recently I have been informed that your company is hiring a Sales Assistant. I am presently working at an international trading company, the nature of the work here is similar to your company's, which includes: contacting international representatives, confirming production with local factories, preparing price explanations (especially CMT confirmation), and preparing purchase orders for all secondary products. After 3 years work experience it has improved my English reading, writing, listening, and speaking ability to a high intermediate level. I have also become familiar with word processing and OS. Please give me a chance to have an interview. Thank you!

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    Dear Sir,

    I'm glad to have this opportunity to introduce myself for you. My name is XXX.

    I learned from 104 website that your company is looking for "Sales Assistant".

    I'm working for XXX company right now. My job description includes email

    communicating with international sales, follow the delivery of domestic factories,

    the preparation of quotation (final confirm by my manager), purchase raw


    I worked in trade company for 3 years, so my english in reading, speaking and

    communication is good, also I use Microsoft office software a lot and very familiar

    with it. I believe my experience will be a property and will greatly appreciate to

    have an opportunity of interview by your company.

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    I believe my experience will be a valuable property and will greatly appreciate to

    have an

    opportunity to be interviewed by your company.

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    How are you, I call XXX, recently know your company is advertising for Sales Assistant, currently in trading company's incumbency, work the content is similar to the property content mentioned by your company, containment:and abroad act for company business E-Mail contacts contact, domestic factory to take delivery of goods and urge confirmation, offer ago place(by the supervisor do end CMT confirm), the pair that purchase order need anticipate etc., let to hear that my English reads and writes the ability of reading to all include for incumbency field three years in up degree, and rather well-experienced in to the computer clerk's operation system, also ask you to give me the chance of a personal interview, thanks!!

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