Sara Palin- there is an article on her policy on dealing with wolves in Alaska..(KILL all) friends of animals ?

friends of has article on wolf pups shot in the head in Alaska..It seems that this is Palins policy on dealing with these creatures..( I am not into politics, just don't like cruelty)

any one seen this article..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, I haven't. But if you are looking for that, I suggest using keywords like 'predator control' or 'food supply of Native Alaskans'.

    See, if you need to limit a population of predators, especially if they are killing the herds (either wild or domesticated) of animals a human population depends on for their survival, then you must kill at least some of the predators. One of the least cruel ways to do this is to shoot the animals in the head (instant death, rather than shooting them in the body or catching them in something like a bear trap, both of which would cause a great deal of pain and suffering for the wolves). It also makes a great deal of sense to kill pups, before they get old enough to reproduce (in which case you would need to kill the adults *and* deal with the new pups).

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  • 1 decade ago

    live in Alaska. I am also a long time Alaskan hunter and trapper.

    I cannot say I was happy to hear about the pups - but - the truth of the matter is Alaska has over 17,000 wolves. Compair this to the 8 they let loose in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago that continue to raise a huge stir and troubles. Of the Apex predators - Alaska has 17,000 wolves, 25,000 polar bears, 18,000 grizzly bears, and 28,000 black bears. That is a huge amount of predators - and does not include the smaller lynxx, coyote or fox.

    Sometime you need to control the population of predators - especially when they are damaging their food source - or the entire groups population totally crashes resulting in countless thousands of animals starve.

    The only reason these pups were killed - because it is impossible for anyone to catch up with them as adults. This is an area where there are no hunters, no trappers - no nothing to limit the population.

    This year about 10 pups were killed and 8 wolves killed by aerial control....... and Friends of Wildlife spent $6,000,000 in our state on TV ads denouncing it. And about the same each past year for the last 5 years. I would like to have seen FOW spend some money to live trap these animals, and buy land somewhere they can live. Certainly $30 million spent this past 5 years or $6 million this year would have been a great start.

    However, Friends of Wildlife has not spent a red cent to live trapping of any Alaskan wolves to rescue them. Why? Because FOW rakes in the big $$ keeping people like you charged up about it - your donations are what keep these people in a job, pay their bills, and send their kids off to college.

    Last YOUR STATE there used to be wolves too. Last winter I had wolves come in and attack people and pets just 6 miles from where I live. So - before you start telling Alaskans what to do with the 17,000 wolves we have - you need to get off your @ss and re-introduce them to your state. When you have 17,000 of them - come talk to us. Until then - shut your pie hole.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 3 years ago

    considering guy has replaced considered one of those excellent style of issues worldwide extensive nature is each so often out of stability. The wolves could desire to be preying on different wild life that needs secure practices. in case you do no longer comprehend the great actuality and don't stay in Alaska possibly you should get entangled in some thing you approximately. So, what is going top or incorrect interior the State which you like in? Do any of you get entangled whilst the government facilitates kinfolk animals on US lands and the indigenous animals get shoot for preying on the domestics?

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    1 decade ago

    Pretty powerful article. This definitely makes my mind up of who I'm voting for. There is no reason any animal should be killed in any way, especially like this!! Give the wolves the space they require. They were here first, or at least, capture them and bring them to a reserve. Don't kill them!!

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