Does anyone know who the Arttist is, Deans Dairy Code, Taylor Swift or Nascar Reward Codes for Sept 7, 2008?


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    I do not know if i have time to post anything tomorrow because i'm going out for my 30 th service award banquet at Mr.Benny's Steak&Lobster in Mokena,Illinois

    US99 WUSN Chicago,Illinois



    Taylor Swift-fie

    Nascar-always the letter e

    string fescarsixwatvnebfie


    Before They Were Famous-c


    Country Music-b

    This Day in U.S. History-c

    Video of the day-just type the letters tv

    Hot Jobs-just type the letters ne

    You Can Quote Me-b



    My 3 Songs-v


    classic rewind-

    make it or break it-




  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good Morning! for October 7th

    Before They Were Famous: C) Matthew McConaughey

    Champions: B) Rangers

    Country Music Trivia: B) 1980’s

    This Day in U.S. History: C) 18

    Video of the Day Trivia:

    Yahoo Hot Jobs: Netherlands

    You Can Quote Me: A) Benjamin Franklin

    Newsletter: chill

    Artist: Carrie

    Deans: Six pack

    Nascar: E

    Taylor Swift: Tim McGraw

    All Access: #73 Newfield


    Source(s): worked on radio site
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good morning one and all.

    US99.5 Chicago

    Artist - Carrie Underwood

    Deans - Six Pack Milk Jugs

    Nascar - Aero Push

    Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

    Before they were famous - C

    Champions - B

    Country - B

    This day in us history - C

    Video of the day -

    Yahoo hot jobs - Netherlands

    You can quote me - A

    Sleuth - Waterfall

    US99.5 Newsletter - Festival

    Thumbs up!!!


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    Copy & paste


    Artist - Carrie Underwood (car)

    Deans - Six

    Nascar - E

    Tayor - Tim


    B4 Famous - C

    Champ - B

    Country - B

    US History - C

    Video - (tv)

    Hot Jobs - Netherlands - (net)

    Quote Me - A

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you mean Oct 7.... :)

    Taylor Swift - Tim Mcgraw

    Yahoo Hot Jobs - Netherlands

    Newsletter - Festival

    Video of the Day - i have been entering the whole alphabet and it always gives me the points (didn't work this time!)

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    Country 95.3 words for Oct.7/08

    Remember abc works for all trivia answers!

    6 sho

    7 cre

    8 mon

    9 clo

    10 sho

    11 car

    12 bil

    1 wal

    2 sto

    3 coi

    4 bag

    5 sui

    6 cou

    Dinner fry

    Sleuth wat

    T T:)

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    artist of the day is Carrie Underwood

    Deans dairy code is six pack milk chugs

    Sleuth for today is WATERFALL

    newsletter code for this week is "Festival".

    Source(s): web search
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  • sheb12
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    If you have not got Taylor Swift code for Monday, It is Tim McGraw! :)

    I'll try to get back later for the rest! :)

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    artist - carrie underwood

    deans - six pack milk jugs

    nascar - e

    taylor swift - tim mcgraw

    before they were famous - c

    champions - b

    country - b

    this day in us history - c

    video of the day -

    yahoo hot jobs - netherlands

    you can quote me - a

    dispatchgirl :-)

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