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In the equilibrium Ca(oH)2__Ca^2++2OH^-,?

how do the following changes effect the equilibrium:add solid Ca(oH)2, add Ca^2, increase PH, add KCL. thanks

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    Ca(OH)2<=> Ca2+ + 2 OH-


    1) Adding Ca2+:

    The right side of the equilibrium is disturbed and forms Ca(OH)2

    2) Increasing pH:

    OH- is taken out of the system( neutralization of OH-) -> more Ca(OH)2 is soluble. // Shift to the right side of eq.

    3) Adding KCl

    The K+ would decrease the activity coefficient ( see your thermodynamics textbook) of Ca+ so more Ca2+ goes in to solution. // Shift to the right side

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