Obama's Health Plan = Medicaid?

The way that Senator Obama proposes his health plan, to me it sounds like he's just going to make more people eligible for Medicaid?? Why would we want that? Please tell me if I'm understanding him wrong.


I thought so, just another reason for Dems to raise taxes (gee what a surprise) Sounds like on top of the 23% I pay in income taxes and the 10% I pay in Sales Taxes. I might as well just hand my paycheck back over and tell him to make it out to the govt.

I just wanted to post this question maybe to get some of these Obama supporters some understanding what they are actually voting for.

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    It's more like Medicare or the VA system, both of which suck. He would reduce the quality of our health care system in favor of quantity. In a few years, the system would go bankrupt and have huge deficits, just like Medicare. Medicaid is a state-based program. Medicare is federal.

    His plan exhibits the fact that he knows nothing of the health care industry.

    The last time our system worked well was before managed care, third party payers, and socialized medicine. It was back when there was fee-for-service and differential billing. Poor, uninsured people could be charged less, and wealthy, insured people could be charged full price (which their insurance company actually paid). Now it's a federal crime to charge a reduced rate to an uninsured person.

    Insurance companies get "negotiated discounts" that they, themselves "negotiate" (i.e. say, "We're only gonna pay you $20 instead of the $100 you billed us, even though it takes $100 to cover your costs"). That causes providers to have to bill more to compensate for the "negotiated discount". Trouble is, that means even the uninsured have to pay the inflated billable price (b/c of stupid federal law) that really is only inflated to compensate for underpayment by insurance companies. So now the uninsured guy who could've been given a discount and only paid $20 under differential billing now has to pay the inflated $500 price that's billed to the insurance company--even though the insurance company might only pay their "negotiated discount" of $80.

    Still sound like a great idea involving more government and middle men (billers, coders, approvers, etc.) between doctors and patients?

    Oh, and don't believe we don't have a good health care system. Our supposedly "high infant mortality rate" is falsely elevated b/c we don't calculate ours the same as other countries. We also attempt heroic measures (e.g. delivering a 21 week old fetus with a very poor prognosis and keeping it alive in the NICU a few weeks). Other countries would let these fetuses abort themselves and not count them toward their infant mortality rates.

    Ignorant people start comparing us to small countries like Cuba whose health care system does not exist in a vacuum. Their statistics are calculated differently, and they have a Communist economy. It's like comparing apples to watermelons filled with bananas and pears. Our varying state laws and state economies further complicate things. Plus, we're larger than most other nations.

    A measure of success of another health care system is difficult to validate. Try living in one of those supposedly better countries and see what you think. We have the best system in the world, but it's been muddied up by socialist payment systems, which increases cost b/c now everyone has to bear financial risk for the people who choose unhealthy lifestyles. This leads to increased cost and increased regulation (which leads to further increases in cost and paperwork).

    "Universal" (i.e. government) health care is not free!! We pay for it in taxes. Only, since we're putting even MORE middle men (i.e. the government) in between doctors and patients, costs will increase further.

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    Take a look at France, Norway, Switzerland, and even Canada for goodness sake and tell me why these nations have the best healthcare system in the world compared to ours which ranked 37th on the World Health Organization's ranking, even though we have some of the brightest doctors in the world. The problem is because the corporate world has corrupted our government so much that capitalism has cemented its roots in our everyday lifes from healthcare to education. If you prefer the concept that a medic has to feel your wallet before he feels your pulse then support McCain. A nation is supposed to see it its citizen's health. After all a healthy nation is a strong nation. National healthcare can work and its a system we can afford here....if only out government will stop funding corrupt adventures around the world and welfare countries and start pouring those billions of dollars into the healthcare system.

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    Really please show me where it says what his plan is and how he intends to implament it.

    He is for health care but hasn't come out with a package yet. He might do it the way MA does it where the citizens can purchase health care. If everyone is purchasing their own health insurance it will be down the costs. Much like car insurance, and like car insurance there are different options.

    There is also the possiblity of universal Health insurance. However please keep in mind that he is not the first president who pushed for Health insurance. President Clinton Also pushed for it. However even the the majority of democrats incontrol in his first two year they still didn't agree to pass it 16 years ago, he was pushing for UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.

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    Why WOULDN"T you want that? Because the BEST doctors DON"T accept government insurance. The good doctors will accept only CASH if obama's scam goes through. Obama and his crew and the super rich will get good care. The rest will be waiting in long lines for foreign doctors.

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    B I N G O! Illinois is one of the state that tried to expand healthcare for it's citizens. Going broke baby. 8.3 % unemployment in my town and 3 others with higher rates in the 9% + range! We tried to tax corporations to pay for this expanded healthcare. For some reason they picked up and moved out of our state to surrounding states with better tax incentives. OOPS!

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    You are correct. Socialized medicine does not work. Look at Canada and England. People must wait in line for 9 months just to have a hernia repaired.

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    You are understanding him wrong.

    He wants a "Medicaid" type system for children and the elderly.

    Everyone else gets affordable healthcare.

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    It would be a similar program. And, another government farce and failure.

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    Just more taxes.

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    it's lies. all lies.


    They're the most experienced group that will make the country a better place!!

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