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Jesse asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

(For romanian speakers) Am I right so far with the lyrics?

Well I've been trying hard to try to find out what the lyrics out and little by little I try to sound out what they are saying and I think I might have an idea of what the first part of the song is.

Here's what I got so far:

Suntem pregute da go ştim

Că un ine îmbii diasam

Noi nu ne dă pe cinci mă ieşi

Cu cu-ieşi

(I don't even know if most of those words don't even exist or make any sense haha...)

And here's the song for it:

Hopefully you can help me out a bit.



The only other recording I saw of this was on youtube, and the quality is worse, but you actually get to see them perform:

Youtube thumbnail


But you pretty much solved the puzzle here! Thanks and I'll give you best answer once I'm able to :]

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    It starts like this:

    Suntem drăguțe dar noi știm

    Că unii ne invidiază

    Noi nu ne dăm pe cinci băieți cucuieți (?)

    And then:

    Pe scenă ne-mbrăcăm modern

    Și suntem bune cântărețe

    Iar pe ecrane vreți, nu vreți, ne vedeți...

    Suntem mereu OK

    Iar cât ai spune simplu un-doi-trei

    Lumea o cucerim doar dacă spre ea zâmbim

    Suntem mereu OK

    Iar cât ai spune simplu un-doi-trei

    Ai să-ncepi să ne placi, așa că mai bine taci.

    Ne cheamă fanii peste tot

    Să dăm într-una recitaluri

    Vedete sigur noi vom fi într-o zi

    Chiar dacă alții ne bârfesc

    Noi două avem atâta treabă

    Și muzică vom reuși orice-ar fi. (?)

    Note: in order to be sure, I need to hear a better version of the song.

    Translated into English:

    We're pretty but we know

    That some envy us

    We don't give ourselves for five cool boys (???)

    We dress modern on the stage

    And sing well

    And, like it or not, you'll see us on your screens

    We're always OK

    And just as you say 1-2-3

    We conquer the world by merely smiling towards it.

    We're always OK

    And just as you say 1-2-3

    You'll start liking us, so better shut up.

    Fans keep calling us everywhere

    For shows over shows

    We'll surely be stars one day

    Even if others gossip about us

    The two of us have so much work to do

    And we'll make it music by any means. (?)

    Feel free to correct me.

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