help in science please!!! due tmmrw!!!!?

i need help can you tell me whether each trees leaf is pinate or palmately lobed it for a project plz help quick thnx!


srry im in a hurry furgot to add the trees lo srry here they are

white pine

red pine

ohio buckeye

re cedar

white ash

honey locust

acea pungens

thx srry

Update 2:

okay, for each leaf which is pinate and which is palmately lobed how else do i say it??? its is like 8th grade science geesh!

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    Each tree - do you mean every tree species on the planet? That is a huge list.

    Pinnate means it has 2 rows of leaflets (like ferns).

    Palmate means several lobes (like an oak leaf).

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    there are all different kinds of tree leaves. some are pinate and some are palmately lobed

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    elaborate please

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    correct. u didnt even explain ur question. wtf.

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