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Is Barrack Hussein Obama really ready to be president?

My husband is an American soldier and I am extremely afraid of the thought that this far left radical could become his boss. Wake up America! I trust John McCain so much more being Commander in Chief, at least he has the experience behind him....his 20+ years in the military and 20+ years in Washington compared to Obama's 143 days in the Senate.


He does not have enough experience people and he wants to raise taxes. I'm sure a lot of people are voting because they are strung out over this "change" thing, you need to check out

Update 2:

I have to add some details because my husband and many MANY of his fellow soldiers do NOT support Obama. They are not big of sticking their tails between their legs and running in fear. Obama would pull troops out before the job is complete. He has no clue.

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    List of Obama known associates or supporters:

    William Ayers (Weatherman Underground bomber, unrepentant domestic terrorist)

    Frank Davis (Member Communist Party USA, Early mentor to Obama)

    Jeremiah Wright (Black Liberation militant, racist, and Pastor)

    Tony Rezko (Corrupt Financier, ties to Terror Financing)

    Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam Leader, racist, anti-American)

    Hamas Terrorist Organization (Islamic Terrorist Organization)

    Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (Islamic Terror Irganization)

    Raila Odinga (Fundamental Islamic Candidate, Kenya, Obama’s Cousin)

    Daniel Ortega (Marxist Sandinista Leader. Nicaragua)

    Raul Castro (Hard-line Communist Leader, Cuba)

    Communist Party Illinois (US Communist Political Party)

    Socialist Party USA (Marxist Socialist Political Party)

    The New Black Panther Party (Black Militant Organization,

    anti-American and racist)

    Michael Pfleger (Renegade Catholic priest, anti-gun crusader, socialist

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    NO! You should be very concerned for your husband. Please tell your husband that we thank him for his service and we will do our best to elect McCain to be his boss. Look at how hateful the Obama supporters on here are. It's a shame that the youngsters on here cannot see how important it is that we have an experienced leader protecting brave people like your husband.

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    Nostradamus envisioned which you would be able to get time tables incorrect and have self assurance this conspiracy concept, yet he claimed that your call could be spot in basic terms 2 letters off. And in case you upload the quantity 2 to the style of letters on your call, you get 9 and in case you record the letters separate, you get 9-a million-a million. WOW!!!!! i'm no Obama supporter, yet solid grief, that's absurd.

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    I'd be more afraid of McCain. His plan to stay in Iraq is seemingly endless. With Obama, at least your husband has a better chance of survival- coming home sooner!

    Source(s): No more soldier blood for oil.
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    I don't care if you trust McCain more.. think about it.

    John McCain has a high chance of dying in office leaving who to be president?! Sarah Palin? Are you serious?

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    I hate to say this. but McCain is president, your husband will be over there longer than you both think.

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    Perhaps, you should start trusting Barack Obama some more.

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    getting a little desperate with the whole" Barrack Hussein Obama" line are we?

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    YES HE IS! And that's one R

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    yes he is if he wwasnt ready then why is he running!!!!!!!!!!!

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