What is the name of this Lifetime movie?

I saw this Lifetime movie about 2-3 weeks ago & i don't know what the movie is called. I searched on a few obvious titles for the movie on the site but nothing matched what it was. Well it was about a girl who has a boyfriend (in their teenage years/highschool) & a girl in their town goes missing. The boyfriend cheated on the girl with the girl who went missing. They end up finding the girl who went missing && it turns out she was pregnant with his child which is why he killed her. The girlfriend gets to the bottom of it && ends up being in the same spot he killed the other girl. But the boyfriend can't kill her because he loves her too much. && she finds a button of the girl who was killed. Ring any bells. I can see scenes of the movie in my head && everything. Even the character's faces. LOL. It's driving me

coo coo-banana's. haha. HELP!

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    The Secret (1997 TV movie)

    aka The KIilling Secret

    starring Tess Harper, Soleil Moon Frye, Ari Meyers, Mark Krassenbaum (aka Mark Kassen), John O'Hurley, Cindy Pickett

    IMDb synopsis:

    Rich and popular Greg Dunleavy's bright future is threatened by the revelation that Emily, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, is pregnant with his child. Emily wants to keep the baby, but Greg has other ideas. After Emily disappears, Greg's girlfriend, Nicole Voss, becomes close to Emily's mother. When Emily is found murdered, Nicole begins to piece together evidence that points to Greg as the killer.


    I actually saw this for the first time about a week or so ago. I vividly remember the button, which looks like a pansy, but no one ever says that! They keep saying something about it being a flower or wondering what it is. That seemed very strange to me. I thought it was interesting.

    This site shows several places where it's available on DVD:


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    John O Hurley Imdb

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