Is St. Therese of the Child Jesus depicted with a rose on top of each of her feet?

I know she holds a cross with a string of roses. But I thought she had a rose on the top of each foot. And if not St. Therese...who is shown with flowers on her feet? I've look through pictures but haven't found it.

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    no, not st. theresa, she is depicted with a crucifix which is covered with roses.

    the roses stand for little sacrifices she made for love of Jesus, to another person, for instance, she would refrain from giving another nun who was at prayer with sister theresa, a dirty look, when that nun made this most annoying little noise ,that set theresa so ill at ease, that she'd break out in a sweat, rather than the dirty look she felt like giving to this nun, she rather, offered this noise to Jesus, with peace and love in her heart as tho' it were a beautiful concert!! :)

    the lady with roses on her feet, is the blessed mother and how she looked when she appeared to st. bernadette at lourdes france. they were golden roses on each feet.

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    Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She was a Queen and her husband the king put the poor peoples taxes up, so they couldnt afford to eat. She would smuggle bread out to them, under her cloak. One day, her husband the king caught her, and demanded she opened her cloak, and when she did, roses fell out.

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