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atheists: i'm interested in picking your brain. another question?

first of all, i'm not trying to trap anyone or convert anyone, i'm genuinely interested!

okay, this person answered my previous question as follows, and i think many atheists feel the same way:

The main problem I have with Christianity (and in fact, all religions that include a higher power) is that it is not realistic. I say it all the time- it's like mythology. I cannot nor will I force myself to believe in something that I see as man-made/fake.

I also have a problem with the fact that a father figure (God) would send his children (us) into eternity of suffering in hell should we not believe in him for honest reasons.

And that God who, supposedly, is all knowing and all powerful and created all would also create evil or the opportunity for evil.

How can I forget the fact that the "Holy" Bible was written by man? Flawed, imperfect, far-from-holy man who was "inspired" from God to write. I don't buy it at all. The "Holy" Bible contains sexism, killing, slavery, and is incompatible with things that are scientifically proven.

That just shouts "flawed and unreal".

QUESTION: suppose God IS real and the plan of redemption DID happen BUT our concept of God, even Christian concepts of God, were WRONG. what if the Bible is so misleading that it doesn't paint an accurate portrait of God? what if Hell is not what we traditionally think it is? what if there is no hell? what if humanity has totally mucked it up what God was aiming for to begin with?

if your ideas and issues with Christianity were just totally shattered for some reason and God was somehow an option, would you be inclined to believe differently?

and please leave out nuances like that God can't be proven, let's just assume He is above being proven, just humor me for a moment. thanks.

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    It's much more believable, yes. I think it's impossible for a Hell to exist if the entire universe was created by a loving deity. And any being great enough to create this universe would be impossible to understand with our little human brains. How could we humans not muck up God's word? I mean, look at the country of America and it's problems. Look at the obesity rate - we don't even know how to EAT right, let alone interpret the divine word of such a magnificent being!

    Let me also add that I don't think a god would leave us alone. I think he would visit us often and answer our questions. Especially if there was a hell. He'd be knocking on my door going, "Hey, Isobel, I know you're an atheist, so here I am! I'll tell you what to do and answer all your questions."

    If you want me to sum it all up - yes, if God was proven, I would follow him. Small price to pay for the gift of life, after all.

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    Just a note, there is no reason that a god, if it existed, could not be proven, to say it can't is just an excuse. Sorry, we have humored the believers for so long that people accept the assumption that a god can't be proven as correct.

    The only reason I have "issues" with Christianity is that it is the single, largest influence on the society that I live in. And no, I base my atheism on the evidence, or in this case the utter lack of it, rather than on "issues".

    The point is, I'm not an atheist because of hell or god being immoral (these are just supporting evidence), I'm an atheist because there is no evidence for any sort of god.


    In the case that an all powerful god exists, or at least one powerful enough to create the universe, and that it inspired the writing of a collection of books like the Bible; wouldn't that god have the power, if not the duty, to ensure that it was correct? Consider it as a trial, if a witness testifies and makes some mistakes it is understandable, but if that witness was a god (and the author of all that is holy), we simply do not expect it to make any mistakes.

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    Ok, hypothetically, lets say god IS real and its just our concept of god that is wrong. Yeah, i guess maybe/possibly i might believe in god. But that is only if all the things about him in the bible are false. There is no way i would EVER worship the god that is portrayed in the bible, even if he is real. But, i think there would be a chance for me believing in god if we didnt have all the contradicting and confused beliefs on god. But, thats a big maybe. God cant demand my respect, he has to deserve it. So, maybe he should start by helping the world out a bit.... you know like feed some of those starving kids in Africa or something.

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    Why feel sorry, they do give as good as they get. I don't see the point in picking on anyone but some will always do it. Hey, someone asked, can someone explain this goof in the Bible and I asked him why he was so concerned if he didn't believe. He then gave me a lecture about I assumed he was an atheist. I never actually said that. He said I shame my God and my religion because I am turning people away who want to know. He said God will look down on me. Well, Christians get accused alot of shoving it down peoples throats. Anyway, he has absolutely no clue what God will say to me. People judge on R&S more than anywhere else. Also, why do Some and I mean Some, (not all Christians) ask questions on here, tricky questions and they don't say they are a Christian? It is like they are judging their own to see what they say. Oh yeah, Thumbs down. There are more thumbs down on R&S than anywhere else. So Long.

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    You don't need to be Christian to believe in a personal, loving God. The Gnostics believed something a little like this. They thought that the being we think of as God is actually mistaken and believes himself to be God when the real God is more powerful, and that the whole of creation is evil because it's the result of an imperfect God.

    I'm unable to say if i believe in God or not because my beliefs aren't easily categorised.

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    If I thought God was "somehow an option", I wouldn't be an atheist, would I? There's a word for that; it's called "agnostic".

    Christianity is not the only option as it is. I don't believe in ANY of the available gods, and this fact does not hinge on how ridiculous I think Christianity is in particular.

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    The inherent problem of faith.

    God says there is only one way back to him.

    God says the answers to finding that way are only in ONE book.

    Then he allows...what would be the SINGLE most important factor for salvation to go through the hands of men, becoming more and more corrupt at each passing. if that weren't enough...

    God surreptitiously plants evidence all over the planet that actually goes against everything that book says.

    Either god is real...and trying to steer you the wrong way...

    Or he's not real

    I choose not to believe in a tricky god.

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    As much as you find it illogical to believe in God, I find illogical not to. I just don't get how people can't see that he exists. Not all of us who believe take the bible literally. If the bible, then, is inspired by God to be written by men, of course it's going to be flawed. I don't believe that God could possibly contained in a book. I also believe that man has screwed things up from what God intended, but he still loves us enough for him to want us in heaven with him for eternity.

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    A lot of "what if"s. Anything is possible. But there is absolutely no evidence for any of that. And if there is no evidence, then it still comes across as you just making more stuff up.

    What if God is a giant unicorn who only allows people with rainbow hair to enter heaven? You can find any number of ways to make God look mean, nice, peaceful, evil, etc. But in the end, it all comes across as a man made thing.

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    Ok, Ill humor you:

    If that is the case, then there still is no reason for me to believe that God is real. If Christians are wrong, then I have no hell to fear. So, why try to convince myself of the existence of something that doesnt exist?? If there is no hell, there is nothing to "save me" from, so what use is belief at that point?

    No, I would not change my beliefs, even if Christians are wrong. BECAUSE THEY ARE, and I am still an atheist!

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