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A question about New Mexico?

Hello,I'm thinking about moving to New Mexico someday. I love visiting the Land of Enchantment but I don't know if I would like living there.I have a couple questions. People who lived in New Mexico: How did you like it? People who live in the Land of Enchantment: How do you like it? Please forgive me of any spelling or grammar errors. Thank you.

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    i live in new mexico...the food is or gallup are good places to live...i live in gallup..its a small town with everything you need and albuquerque is only a 3 hr drive away so you can shop for more stuff but its nice and the air is clean...i would never move anywhere else...theres alot of history here alot to see and learn about cultures...yeah...i would recomend it...its peaceful and great weather....

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    Some time soon, I intend to move to New Mexico. Where in Albuquerque is it safe to live? And how are the jobs out there? (That's important) Callup, I'd visit there to see the Gallup Sub.

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