What is "AG" after a company name in Germany, such as Hypo Real Estate Holding AG?

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    AG stands for AktienGesellschaft. That means it is a shareholder company. This step (selling shares) is usually done to get capital into the company, for instance for an enlargement or funding of new projects. There are public and private AGs, meaning that there are AGs who go on the market and sell their shares through banks and stuff to private people, and the private AGs usually only have the family members of the founder or some other private circle as shareholders, and these are (usually) forbidden (by written agreement) to sell their shares to anyone without first offering them to the members of the family/circle.

    A GmbH is a "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung", meaning a company that will only stand for debts (in case of the failure of the company) upto a certain amount of money that has been sat up by the "founding fathers" at founding the company and is written down in the register of the state. The amount can be increased or diminished by the company, but the public has to be notified (nwspapers,...).

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    AG is a public shareholder owned company. AG stands for

    "Aktiengesellschaft" which means stock incorporation.

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    An AG corporation is basically a large corporation as opposed to a GmbH corporation.

    They are both corporate forms.

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