Are Mormons afraid to vote for Obama because of his dark skin?

I know Mormons claim (and I'm positive some mean it) that thinking of dark skin as a curse/unholy is an anachronism/a thing of the past.

But when you look at the aggregate polling data I've linked below, McCain's lead in Utah is the largest of any state - 62% to 26%. The next closest is Oklahoma with 61% to 30%.

Is this because of Mormonism, or a purely secular matter?

Update 2:

tjs - That's a very vaild point, but Utah also seems to have the highest percentage of undecided voters on that map. So, take a look at Oklahoma, McCain has 1 point less, but Obama has 4 points more.

That tells me that a lot of Mormons aren't jumping on the McCain bandwagon...but they seem to not be okay with voting Obama, either.

I'm not passing judgment or accusations - I saw the data and it came to mind, I'm just trying to see what others think. :)

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    Your reasoning is non sequitur. Utah has consistently been one of the most Republican states in recent years. Utah's dislike for Obama has a lot more to do with abortion and same-sex marriage than with his race. If Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice were running, they would have Utah's overwhelming support.

    Modern Mormonism is very much opposed to racial discrimination. Ironically, many who discriminate against us (professional anti-Mormons) hypocritically accuse us of being discriminators!

    The Mormon Church is not a racist church. I'm Mormon, and my wife is black. We were married in a Mormon temple, where the officiator told us that God approved of our marriage. My wife is treated well at church, as are the other African American members of our congregation. I've had a black bishop in several different Mormon congregations of which I've been a member.

    Many anti-Mormons, however, intentionally misrepresent Mormon teachings in an attempt to discredit Mormonism. I've written about this type of discrimination on my site at . Pay careful attention to the video at .

    To learn more about racial diversity in the Mormon church, visit .

    Also, to see videos of black Mormons, visit these sites:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

  • Clover
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    1 decade ago

    Mormons are Conservatives and Obama is a Liberal.

    Speaking for myself, McCain would never have been my first choice but I feel that is all I am left with...

    That's the whole of it.

    If Obama were a Conservative, the percentages would be the same but in his favor.

    Look back and check the last election and see if there was a wider gap. Possible but not probable.

    Mormons are very patriotic and very much against socialism and communism and so the party that leans that way will not get the Mormon vote.

  • Skin tone just has absolutly nothing to do with it. Thurl Baily and Gladys Knight are Mormons. Mormon's views typically follow the republican party. i.e. no abortion, the sanctity of the traditional marriage. I even considered voting for him at one time, but havn't been impressed with how he's handled himself since he got the nomination. I live in Utah and see Obama signs in yards everywhere. I don't see the corrilation with Oklahoma. I'm not sure if it has a high LDS membership. Utah is and probably always will be a red state, and yes that has to do with the high church membership, but the way we vote has NOTHING to do with skin color.

  • 4 years ago

    People have already voted for and against him on the basis of skin color, which is unfortunate. Personally, I feel that people really should be evaluating plans and issues - that there should be a whole lot more discussion - I'd love to see platforms determined by a "Vote Yes on Question !" format.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Obama. It's his liberal policies that I can't stand. Abortion is wrong, and socialized medicine is wrong - it has reduced the quality of treatment in our hospitals. It was all over the news that a guy died in a local hospital after waiting more than 12 hours. He needed emergency surgery, but first he needed to be checked out by a doctor. The price of cheap medical treatment is a skeleton crew of doctors and long waits in the waiting room. Some people will be forced to wait until it is too late. The price is just too high.

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    No, it is because many Mormons (especially those in Utah) are Republican. However, I have a very strong Harry Reid, who is LDS, will be voting for Obama.

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    I would not vote for Obama because:

    a) Association with terrorist underground.

    b) Friends like Ref. Wright

    c) Changes his stand when his polls are low.

    e) Voted "present" proves he is always indecisive.

  • J.D.
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    1 decade ago

    Well, most mormons are republicans. It has nothing to do with racism.

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    That's not something that concerns the friends that I have that are Mormon. Some of which have "dark skin".

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    I think it's more that Mormons tend to be conservative than they're worried he's an evil descendent of Ham or the Lamanites.

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