How do I twist off the glass globe on a ceiling light fixture that appears to be stuck?

I have a ceiling light fixture that looks a lot like this one:

The bulb within the light fixture has burned out and needs to be replaced. It appears that I need to open up the light fixture by twisting off the globe (turning it counter clockwise). But no matter how hard I try the globe wont twist off. I'm not even sure that its stuck because I seem to have the same problem with all of the same light fixtures in my home.

Is there a trick to twisting off the glass globes on these light fixtures or is it just a question of applying enough muscle. Someone once indicated to me that I might need to press down on the metal base of the light fixture while twisting off the glass globe. Is this true?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Afraid not. There is no screw in the rim here. The metal base is completely smooth. The only way to take the glass dome off appears to be to twist it off.

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    That fixture has a twist off globe. There are wide grooves in the globe that have only a couple of turns in them. I'm sure that heat and possible condensation has tightened it to the base. You are right in presuming that it should just twist off, I think maybe you are twisting the wrong way. From the floor view you would twist towards the left. Sometimes a very lightly damp cloth will help to get a better grip on the globe as you turn. It should only turn about a quarter of a revolution for it to come off. Generally applying pressure to the ring will have no effect on you effort.

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    Ceiling Light Globes

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    Globe Light Fixture

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    hah hah... first take a deep breath... then grab a beer, take a swig and sport a big smile... once you're feeling good, then think... yes, think... use just a little ingenuity.

    Ask yourself, when two surfaces are stuck, what helps them to be unstuck? Uh... fri, fri,,, friction! Now take another big swig of beer and smile broadly.

    How does one get rid of friction generated between two surfaces? (In this case the glass dome and the metal base). Uh.. duh... lubricant!!!!

    What an easy way to get lubricant in a seem between two surfaces? Spray the lubricant!

    What is an excellent lubricant? WD40!

    Now use an old sheet and have a couple rags to wipe the metal band and glass dome before you unscrew it (counter-clockwise, i.e., to the left).

    Now twisting off a glass dome with your hands can be slippery. So you're going to need some friction on your hands (use some latex or rubber gloves so your fingers won't slip on the glass or spray some sticky spray on your fingers - like we football running backs used to do before they banned us from doing it).

    Now GO FOR IT! Take no prisoners! Unscrew that MOFO! Now after removing the glass dome, replace the light bulb and NEXT TIME, don't screw it in so tight!

    Now go have the little woman poor you another beer for doing such a good job and being a stud!

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    won't manage to get a grip on it? moist your palms and gently dry them so there continues to be "some" moisture on your palms. Makes your palms a sprint cheesy from the moisture. If it does not unscrew, i don't have the different answer for you. Sorry.

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    Usually there is a screw in the rim

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