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Music quiz plz help!?

I am doing a music quiz for some people at a party, they listen like 4 seconds of the music and have to guess. They are diferent age goups from young to old. Is this good music i could play for them. I am also doing tv themes and film music for them to guess. Please tell me some music that you would put on and tv and film themes to add.


1. Aha-Take on me-1985

2. Paul Anka- Lonely boy-1951

3. Spice girls- Wannabe-1996

4. Justin Timberlake-Cry me a river-2002

5. Bobby V- Take Good Care of My Baby-1961

6. Billy Paul-Me and Mrs. Jones-1972

7. The Supremes- Baby Love-1964

8. Michael Jackson- Whatever happends-2001

9. Rihanna- Umbrella-2007

10. Phil Collins- Easy lover-1985

11. Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man-1965

12. Leona Lewis-Bleeding love-2007

13. Take that-Patience

TV themes

1. Casualty -

2. Baywatch-

3. St. Elsewhere-

4. Deal or no deal-

Film theme music

1. Gladiator- Now we are free

2. Titanic- Rose

3. Cast away

4. Romeo and Juliet-Kissing you

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    I picked 3 per category and tried to put something in for everyone's liking...


    1. Stayin alive - Bee Gees (1977)

    2. Love will tear us apart - Joy Division (1980)

    3. Relax - Mika (2008)

    TV Themes

    1. A Team

    2. The Soprano´s

    3. Countdown (since you put Casualty already there, I figure you are British)

    Film theme music

    1. Pirates of the Carribean

    2. Das Boot

    3. The Lion King

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    can we fix it yes we can --bob the builder 2000

    tv theme---mash

    movie theme breakfast at tiffanys..from breakfast at tiffanys

    starring Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal


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