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英文翻譯 急20點

麻煩會翻譯的人幫個忙! 謝謝謝~~~~

A是位於大馬士革恐怖組織的領導者 首先訓練一批會魔術

武術 心理諮商師 及催眠的臥底警探 以加入恐怖組織為由贏得總部的信任 潛入恐怖組織大本營 臥底本身與FBI訓練一套自創的摩斯密碼 臥底警探固定時間以摩斯密碼向FBI描述總部的地形 成員及恐怖活動 一方面讓FBI掌握情資 另一方面會魔術的警探 利用魔術混搖恐佈分子 催眠警探利用催眠讓犯罪份子打消犯罪念頭 心理諮商師動之以情 讓恐怖分子明白世界和平的重要 當總部成員心裡被一一擊破後 連絡FBI 攻陷總部活捉A

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    A terrorist organizations in Damascus was the first leader of a group of training will be magic

    Wushu psychological counselor hypnosis and the undercover detectives to join the terrorist organizations on the ground to win the trust of the headquarters of terrorist organizations into the camp itself with the undercover FBI training of a self-Moss password undercover detectives to a fixed time Morse code to the FBI Description of the headquarters of the terrain and the members of the terrorist activities of the FBI to master the one hand, so that intelligence will be on the other hand, the detectives use of magic magic mix shake terrorists hypnosis to allow detectives to use hypnosis criminals give up the idea of crime psychological counselor and moving people with feelings Let the terrorists understand the importance of world peace when members of the headquarters was to be broken one by one after the fall of FBI headquarters to contact the capture of the A

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