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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


contrary to

to have....effect on

to be in orderttract attention from

to make sure

so that

to attract attention from

just as

to agree on

to have trouble v-ing

to fill up



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  • JACK
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    1 decade ago
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    【1】contrary to:

    What you told me is totally contrary to the truth, so I don’t want to believe you.(你跟我說的話,完全地跟事實違背,所以我並不想相信你。)

    【2】to have...effect on:

    What Uncle Sam told him, I think, will have a great effect on his behavior.(我認為,山姆叔叔跟他說的話,會對他的行為舉止,有極大的影響。)

    【3】to be in orderttract attention from:(應為「to be in order tract attention from」之誤吧?)

    To be in order tract attention from the probies, we’d better tell them all the rules they should follow.(為了要那些菜鳥有適當的注意力,我們最好把所有的規矩,通通告訴他們。)

    【4】to make sure:

    Tom made the phone call just to make sure if Lily would help him with his biology assignment.(湯姆打了電話,只不過是要確定莉莉是否會幫他的生物作業。)

    【5】so that:

    Tonight I have to go to bed earlier so that I can get up before six-thirty tomorrow.(今晚我必須早點兒就寢,這樣一來我明天才能在六點半前起床。)

    【6】to attract attention from:

    See, now the puppy keeps running high and low just to attract attention from her owner.(看吧,那隻小狗現在四處跑來跑去,不過就是要吸引牠主人的注意力罷了。)

    【7】just as:(這個基本上,不算是片語;「as」可解釋為「當...的時候」或「像...一樣」;而「just」只是副詞,可翻譯成「就...」或「只是...」。)

    (1)Just as Dad was reading newspapers, the phone rang.(就在爸爸在看報時,電話響了。)

    (2)Just as my cousin, Peter also likes playing online games.(就像我表弟一樣,彼得也喜歡玩線上遊戲。)

    【8】to agree on:

    All of us have finally agreed on the lowest price after a long argument.(在冗長的爭辯之後,我們全體終於對最低價,達成了協議。)

    【9】to have trouble+V-ing:

    We had much trouble telling Grandma the fact owing to the sudden death of Grandpa.(由於爺爺的猝死,因此我們很難告訴奶奶實情。)

    【10】to fill up:

    Little Kevin’s mouth filled up with food, so he looked pretty funny.(因為小凱文的嘴巴塞滿了食物,所以看來挺滑稽的。)

    ※ 敬請參考,謝謝!

    Source(s): JACK
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