I need help to remember a song!?

i need to remember a song that i barely know anything about, the song name, artist, album, lyrics; the only lyrics i slightly remember is part of the chorus: "are you (adjective), are you (adjective), can you see the (noun)", see, i don't even know the chorus; i think it might have been from a WWE or TNA pay-per-view or video game, but im not sure. it is a rock song, slightly fast paced and from this year


this is really bugging me, so i will take any good help or any help that might be good enough, or anything that will help

this isn't a mellow or metal song, its kinda like Jet Black Stare's kind of rock. i think it is an American band

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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  • dakins
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    4 years ago

    "Butterfly Kisses" via Bob Carlisle "Slipping via My palms" via ABBA (used interior the musical Mamma Mia) "reminiscence" from the musical Cats "You advance Me Up" via Josh Groban "i visit recollect You" via Sarah MacLachlan i will probable upload greater to this checklist probable, those are purely some i might desire to think of of on the 2d. savour! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    man i feel sorry for you... you still havent found it... you asked this a lot... good luck...lol

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