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was there new episodes of the x files thi syear on fox?

20 photos`The truth is out there,' and FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in this sci-fi phenomenon about their quest to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Their strange cases include UFO sightings, alien abductions and just about anything else paranormal. The tales were spooky and well-written, but the long-running cult favorite's strength was a gallery of intriguing (when they weren't just enigmatic) characters, and the dynamic---and intense bond---between believer Mulder and skeptic Scully.

Fox: On the Fringe of a Breakout Hit? | Roush Dispatch | 7/14/2008

After a season rocked by a writers’ strike, shortened episode orders and a defecting audience, all eyes are turning to the new fall season and the hope of maybe a new hit or two reigniting the business.“I’d hope that this fall is a reset,” says Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly, kicking off his network’s portion of the TCA press tour Monday (following a performance and panel from summer smash So You Think You Can Dance; Reilly, for the record, stayed in his seat). “I believe in my heart it can be, particularly if there is a couple of new exciting shows joining the lineup or maybe some of the returning shows continue to find an audience.”Fox’s greatest hope this fall is unquestionably J.J. Abrams’ big-budget, high-concept sci-fi thriller Fringe, which Reilly and boss Peter Ligouri aggressively pursued. “We offered him a series day one. We knew the log line, that it was sort of The X-Files, Indiana Jones kind of thing. This... read more

Gillian Anderson Believes in the London Stage | Today's News: Our Take | 6/29/2008

Gillian Anderson may be about to return to the big screen, but she's also set to hit the London stage again next spring. "Scully" has signed on to play Nora in a new adaptation of Ibsen's The Doll House. Per Variety, the appearance is just the latest role for the London local on the stage there. Anderson's previous U.K. stage roles were in plays including What the Night Is For at the Comedy Theater and The Sweetest Swing in Baseball. In the meantime, us non-Londoners will get to see her in The X-Files: I Want to Believe in just a few weeks. — Anna DimondMore Anderson Files:• The Truth Is in Her: Gillian Anderson Expecting• Gillian Anderson "Too Old" for X-Files 2?• Summer Movie Marketing Hotness! read more

X-Files Vet Casts Spell on Wizard's | Today's News: Our Take | 4/15/2008

Sam Raimi (Spiderman) and Rob Tapert (The Grudge) have snagged former X-Files scribe John Shiban to exec-produce their new syndicated project, Wizard's First Rule. Shiban, who is now with the CW's Supernatural, will help adapt Terry Goodkind's series of books into a weekly TV series. Wizard's is set in a fantasy world of magic (and wizards, of course) and focuses on the Seeker, a man destined to save the world.Shiban tells Variety that much like The X-Files, "There's an overarching mythology to the series, but the job of Seeker allows him to fight evil in self-contained episodes."After spending seven years on The X Files and co-creating the short-lived spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, Shiban looks forward to making the syndie Wizard's strive for network-quality special effects and tone. "We're going to make it look huge," he said.Wizard's has been cleared for broadcast in 84 percent of the country and all top 50 markets. Nerds everywhere, rejoice! —Erin Fox read more

The Wire and Other Announced Releases | DVD News and Reviews | 4/2/2008

New releases announced today, April 2:Birds of Prey - The Complete Series will be coming out July 15 Freakazoid! - Season 1 will be coming out July 29 Shaggy & Scooby-Doo: Get a Clue! - Volume 2 will be coming out July 8 Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1, Volume 1 will be coming out July 29 The Wire - The Complete 5th Season will be coming out August 12 The X-Files - Revelations will be coming out July 1 Visit for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

X-Files at Paley: Your Burning Questions Answered, and Much More! | Movie News | 3/28/2008

"X-Philes" lined up several hours early at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood to snag the best seats for the Paley Television Festival's retrospective of Fox's hit show. I teamed up with Lisa Angelo from X Files News to snag some awesome pictures (scroll down to see the shots) of the cast and crew, and to make sure we could answer as many of the fans' burning questions as possible. True to form, Chris Carter and company kept the film's highly anticipated plotline to themselves. However, they did show the new movie trailer (not once, but twice) to excited fans. Let's break the evening down:Who was there: Rather, who was missing!? David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson did not attend the event (boo). But to the delight of many fans, Mitch Pileggi (aka Walter Skinner), Nicholas Lea (Alex Krycek) and Dean Haglund (Langly) were present and very happy to be there. Several writers and producers also joined the panel, including series creator

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    As far as I know there aren't any new episodes of the X-Files.

    However, there's a newer movie released this year called "I want to believe" in which of course, gillian and douching star as sculley and mulder respectively.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The Bruce Campbell one was Terms of Endearment; Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner were in How the Ghosts Stole Christmas. First season: I love the entire first season, but my favorites are Darkness Falls, Ice, Beyond the Sea (outstanding!), Eve, Deep Throat (a classic, the one where Mulder and Scully see the UFOs; Seth Green is in this one), Conduit (the one with the missing girl Ruby), Squeeze, and Tooms. Second season: favorites are Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath, Little Green Men, Red Museum, Excelsis Dei, Irresistible, Dod Kalm, Humbug, The Calusari, and F. Emasculata, and Soft Light (Tony Shalhoub from Monk in this one). Third season: favorites are Clyde Bruckman, Oubliette, Revelations, Syzygy, Pusher, Hell Money, Jose Chung, Wetwired, The Blessing Way, Paper Clip, and DPO (Giovani Ribisi and Jack Black in this one!). Fourth season: favorites are Home, Unruhe, Paper Hearts, Small Potatoes, Tempus Fugit, Max, and Gethsemane. Fifth season: favorites are Post Modern Prometheus, Kitsunegari, Kill Switch, Bad Blood, Mind's Eye, Pine Bluff Variant, Redux I, and Redux II. Sixth season: favorites are Drive, Triangle, Dreamland I & II, How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, Monday, Arcadia, Alpha, Trevor, Field Trip, and Biogenesis. Seventh season: favorites are The Sixth Extinction I and II, Millenium, Rush, The Goldberg Variation, Orison, The Amazing Maleeni, Theef, Sein Und Zeit, Closure, En Ami, Brand X, All Things, and Requiem. Eighth season: Within, Without, Redrum, Roadrunners, Per Manum, This is Not Happening, Deadalive, Alone, Essence, and Existence. Ninth season: Trust No 1, Provenance, Providence, Audrey Pauley, William, Release, John Doe, and The Truth. If I had to pick my top favorites out of the classic Mulder/Scully seasons, it is Pusher, Paper Hearts, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, and Postmodern Prometheus. Of course I always enjoy watching the movie everyonce in a while too. For the seasons without Mulder, I thought Redrum, Roadrunners, John Doe, and Release were incredible! And Scully was heartbreaking in Within, Without, Per Manum, Deadalive, and This is Not Happening - I still feel for her after all these years. Sein Und Zeit and Closure were also very sad for me because it signaled the end of an era - the reason behind the X-Files was resolved and Mulder was about to vanish. And Requiem...don't get me started. It's so final and sad, especially with the Last Supper symbolism. The worst ones, in my opinion, are Tes Dos Bichos, El Mundo Gira, Grotesque, The Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, Unusual Suspects, Travelers, X-Cops, First Person Shooter, Fight Club, Agua Mala, and Patience. There are a few other stinkers in there as well but those are the worst, either for being laughably bad, or for almost completely excluding either one or both of the two main characters. Have fun watching!

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    1 decade ago

    i wouldn't no coz i dont watch it.

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