i want to buy a purse but i have no idea which kind to get?

i want a black shoulder bag perferly a brand purse but i dont know which one. maybe a leather one but not the ones that look like plastic those are ugly. i already have juicy couture and coach, any other brand i would be interested in?


dooney and burke never liked. coach is overratted i threw my coach bag away cuz i cant stand the brand. Kathy has nice ones but i hate the plastic material it makes it look cheap. ed hardy nnot my style i think the shirts are horrible so i can only imagine how the purses look. yeah i thought about chanel but i dont want to make my mom spend $2,000 on a purse.

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    Kathy purses are really big right now and super cute I get one everytime she comes out with one. My flat in London has the most adorable purse I have ever seen in my life. Im a purse fanatic. They sell them at TJ maxx and Macys i bought like 2 of them at about $100-$150 a piece but they are both worth it because they are both cute and durable especially with all the stuff i cram into them. If you are looking at a little more money Chanel's fall line is adorable. You can go to beg borrow or steal.com and kind of borrow the bag with option to purchase trust me though you will always purchase but it gives you the chance to try before you buy.

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    get a coach hobo.

    they're extremely cute.

    ed hardy has sssome

    cute shoulder bags..

    but i wouldn't jump

    from juicy to ed hardy.


    dooney and bourke

    you could get the cute

    zebra bucketbag for

    $175, not horrible.

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    In the same price range there is Dooney and Bourke. Its a better quality than Coach also. Good luck.

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    i would go with a Guess purse. they have really Nice bags to me. if you want an edgy look try Ed Hardy.

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    Try this site for cute handbags: http://www.americanchic.net/handbags.html

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