How did the dust bowl in the early 20th century affect the national and global economy?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    lot of people lost all their worldly goods. did not have money to buy "luxuries"> if nobody has money to buy, sellers cannot sell what they have made, so they get no money either, so they cannot buy anything. Just goes around in a circle. money-less americans could not afford to buy anything that was imported either. needed jobs. fdr started ccc, wpa, nra, and joined wwII. also tva, aec, and a lot of other alphabet agencies to make work so people could get money

    imagine only having the money to buy absolute necessities. all the McDonald's and Burger kings and kfc and pizza huts would close because nobody could afford to go there. all those people would be out of work competing for the few jobs left. nobody would be buying new clothes. just mend the old ones, or buy cloth and make your own. all the boutiques would close, and a lot of the department stores. now there are more unemployed people looking for work and not having the money to buy anything but the bare necessities

  • 4 years ago

    The dust bowl was good for other countries that replaced USA as an exporter of corn, wheat, soy bean .Many other countries have larger farming than USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, etc.

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