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please help me =(?

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wont load for me, can you tell me what it says

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okay thanks, they didnt have what im looking for =[

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    Minutes of DDS Board Meeting

    March 8, 2006

    Conyers Headquarters

    Present Not in Attendance

    Trummie Patrick Kelly Gay, Chairman

    Billy Fortson David Hanna

    Patrick McGahan Ben Porter

    Doug Chalmers Susan Gordy

    Linda Evans

    Also present was Joseph Drolet and Kay Baker of the Attorney General’s Office.

    Trummie Patrick, Vice Chairman officiated the meeting calling it to order at 9:05 a.m. and at which time a quorum was established.

    Introduction of New Board Member - Linda Evans

    Mr. Patrick introduced and welcomed Ms. Linda Evans, the new DDS Board member appointed by Speaker Richardson, is replacing Hugh Hardison who resigned. He briefly reviewed Ms. Evans’ biographical information. Ms. Evans stated that she is delighted to be appointed and looks forward to working with the agency and Board.

    Chairman Patrick asked Kay Baker to introduce Joseph Drolet who is replacing Chris Brasher as the Section Leader at the Attorney General’s Office. Ms. Baker stated that Mr. Drolet has been in practice in the Atlanta area for 20-30 years and comes to the AG’s office with a great amount of experience including legislation issues which will be very helpful.

    Approval of Minutes from February 8 Board Meeting

    After review of the minutes from the February 8, 2006 meeting, Vice Chairman Patrick asked for a motion. Patrick McGahan motioned to approve the minutes as submitted; Doug Chalmers seconded the motion with unanimous approval by the remaining Board members. A copy is attached as a permanent record to these minutes.


    Commissioner’s Report

    Commissioner Dozier stated that his comments would be brief to allow ample time for review of the numerous rule changes and waivers on the agenda. He promised more detailed performance figures for the Customer Service Centers (CSCs) as well as other areas would be provided at the April meeting; however, he wanted to share that for three consecutive months the CSCs are serving 92% of customers within a 30 minute period. He feels this is an outstanding accomplishment and commends the examiners on their efforts to improve customer service.

    Customer Service - Mr. Dozier reminded the Board of the state’s customer service slogan “faster, friendlier, and easier” which he spoke of at the February meeting. He stated that the agency focused on those three elements when presenting the budget request to the Governor. DDS has partnered with Joe Doyle of the Governor’s Office of Customer Service, who will focus on assisting the DDS call center in becoming the model state-of-the-art call center for all state agencies. Also, Georgia Tech will once again partner with DDS to assist the driver’s license records section to see if any rapid improvements in their process can be identified.

    Commissioner Dozier informed the Board of the unfortunate incident at the Covington CSC where a man, while taking the road test, died from a heart attack causing the car to hit a tree slightly injuring the examiner. He wanted to acknowledge the staff of that CSC and commend them all for their dedication to the agency by continuing to do their job and provide excellent customer service under those unfortunate circumstances.

    Mr. Dozier stated that DDS opened a new Cordele office on February 16. The Department of Corrections work crew renovated an old State Patrol post making DDS a very nice, adequate facility. Also, after a long five year process, with Ben Porter’s help, an agreement has been finalized with the City of Macon for a new center at the old terminal station in the downtown area. Upon completion of renovations (6-8 mos.), the City will allow DDS to use it free of charge and will also provide 90 parking places and an area to use for the driving range.

    In accordance with HB 501, as of March 1, the responsibility for handicap parking placards has been transferred to the Department of Revenue (DOR) and will be issued by the county tag offices. Also, all of the GRATIS database and servers have now been transitioned over to DOR. DDS still partners with DOR on use of warehouse space but they soon intent to move out. The only other aspect of the transition that has not occurred is the Accident Reporting Unit, which was transferred to the Department of Transportation (DOT), is still located in the DDS building across the street from headquarters. Eventually they will move but he feels that arrangement will be more long term.

    HQ Process Improvement Update – Mr. Dozier reminded the Board of the review and organizational chart presented them a few months ago on how the efficiency of the headquarters drivers license operation could be improved. He stated this process has begun by first focusing on the entering of citations and eliminating the six months it currently takes to get it entered onto the record. A new validation team has been created and has already greatly increased performance over the last two weeks. He hopes to be able to eliminate the backlog of citations within the next few months..

    Legislative O

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