helpppp! what should i do?.....?

Okay, so i like this one guy at my school. I'm a really shy girl and i always blush around him. I don't see him as much as i usually do because he got put in AEP (alternative thingy). But anyways, he remembered me throgh myspace, and on the first day of school he was like "hey i know you from myspace" and i was like "yea", So we talked a little bit but i always ruin the convo because idk how to carry it on. I don't know if he likes me or not, I have never had a bf, kissed a boy, or even held hands with one! I think he likes my friend, and she likes him a little. She is way skinnier than me. I'm not over weight, but i'm not as skinny as her. should i tell him how i feel, ignore him, stay friends and keep my mouth shut and let my friend have him, or just keep as it is. If any of you guys have ANY advice please please please tell me!

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    u might want to tell him coz if u dont u might lose him and if u do and he turns u down u already know that u have done ur part and wont be think about what could have happened

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