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Cat keeps pooping outside of litter box what do I do?!?

My cat, Schism, has just recently started pooping and peeing outside of the litter box...but not every time she goes to the bathroom. Sometimes she will go in her litter box, and sometimes she wont. She will pee or poop RIGHT NEXT to the litter box. This is a recent thing, she knows how to use the litter box. We did change the brand of kitty litter, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it since sometimes she will use the litter box. Does anyone know why she would be doing this and what my boyfriend and I can do to stop it? PLEASE HELP! Thanks :)


Also, we keep the litter box very clean, we clean it everyday cause we know that cats like it clean or else they might not go in it.

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    While it may be something as simple as the litter change, I agree that you should take her to the vets to rule out major organ problems. You'll feel better knowing for sure, so it's worth it for the peace of mind. : ) Good luck!

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    My cat Snook does the exact same thing. I took him to the vets, invested in multiple litter boxes, became more vigilant in changes and ensured it was always the litter he liked using.

    In a nutshell, if you have ruled out a urinary tract infection after a visit to the vet the conclusion they came to is that some cats just do that! I would try not to worry - though I know it is a hassle! Make sure NO litter is ever outside the box at all, but in the end there might not be much you can do...some cats are just naughty haha! Definetely rule out any infections first though - just in case. And as always - keep an eye out on what they do - if there are changes get vet advice too.

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    When a cat starts peeing or pooping out of the litter box, a vet trip is always in order. This could be something like Urinary Tract Infection or something else.

    But, if she is pooping next to the box, and peeing, I suspect the box is not big enough. Invest in a bigger box, or even a large storage rubbermade storage container. That should be big enough for her. I always buy the biggest litterbox I can find. Many times, the standard boxes are too small.

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    I had a cat that would do that... Continue to lead him into the litter box, or when he appears to be going potty outside, quickly pick him up and put him inside the box. Gross, but it's a good thing to do. Days when he DOES pee or poo inside the litter box, give him a treat and positive attention so that he understands that going potty inside the box is a good thing. But there's also the possibility that he may not be, you know, right in the head? My cat was... mentally slow, let's say. And didn't really know how to do a lot. Is that also a possibility?

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    This could be caused by the change in litter, but...This is the number one sign of illness in cats. First the vet needs to see the cat and do a urinalysis (not expensive). Inappropriate urination in fixed cats is usually a sign of a urinary tract infection or crystals forming in their urine. Both conditions make it extremely painful for the cat to urinate, so they avoid the regular place of urination as they associate it with the pain and try to find somewhere to go that won't hurt. They often will show no other signs of illness except the urination, but you can watch for small, frequent amounts of urine, blood in urine,or acting like they are going to go but then not doing anything. Both conditions are easily treatable (with antibiotics or special food) unless they are not caught and wreak havoc on the cats system. Crystals can actually kill cats because if left untreated they can fully block the urethra making it impossible for the cat to urinate. You also need to make sure you are cleaning the stains with a cleaner that says enzyme or enzymatic on it. No other cleaner will destroy the scent of urine (you may not smell it but your cat can) and the cat will continue to go there if they can smell it.

    Source(s): 7 cats, two had this problem, 1 from stress and one from crystals
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    I can almost bet you that it is due to the changing of the litter even though she is still using it sometimes. Try going back to the brand she is used to and if that doesn't fix the problem you should see a vet because it could be due to a number of medical problems.

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    could the litter box be too small for your cat my cat was doing exactly the same until i bought a litter tray with higher sides. didn't have an accident after that.

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    She could be telling you that she is very unhappy with the change.

    Change the litter back to the old one and see what happens. Some cats are very particular and when they get used to something that's what they want.

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    You should start training her again. TOOL ROX!!!!

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