How do i use an ipod to play through my motorcycle speakers?

I have 2 4x6 2 way speakers mounted and need to get an amp that will power them and let my ipod play through it? Anyone have any ideas where to get the amp that needs only to be max 50 watt x 2?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you can go on ebay and they have a small motorcycle amp for 2 speakers and it has 2 inputs for different devices. They also sell the entire kit on ebay for pretty cheap with waterproof speakers and an amp and all the necessary wires cost should be about 70-100 dollars

  • 5 years ago

    There are several bikes out there that come with speakers, but most are cruiser types. There is a model or two of Harley that comes with them, same with Honda and Yamaha and BMW. But most sport bike riders do not use external speakers on their ipods, going rather for helmet speakers and the thin wire that can come up from the ipod and into the speakers. If you are looking to impress anyone, as you seem to indicate with your comment "how cool it'd be to have some deathcore music playing while i'm riding", how about doing it with your riding skills, rather than with obnoxous music blasting or extremely loud pipes. And don't worry, I feel the same way when ever some jerk in a 60's beater pulls up next to me with the top down and music blasting. "If I wanted to listen to your music, I'd be riding with you".

  • 1 decade ago

    try they have cheap amps go to the audio section then the car audio section to find the amps. in order to use the ipod you need a aux plug and you could get it at walmart or radioshack

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