Regarding Washington, DC, what encompasses the District......of Columbia?

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    The District of Columbia and the city of Washington are one and the same, with the same borders. That wasn't always the case. Earlier in its history there were different entites within the District of Columbia, including Georgetown and Alexandria. Now, the only entity within DC is the city of Washington.

    Here's what the wikipedia says:

    With the Organic Act of 1871, Congress created a new government for the entire federal territory. This Act effectively combined the City of Washington, Georgetown, and Washington County into a single municipality officially named the District of Columbia. Even though the City of Washington legally ceased to exist after 1871, the name continued in use and the whole city became commonly known as Washington, D.C.

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    Not sure what you mean by this. That's like asking "Regarding New Jersey, what encompasses NJ".

    Here's info on the geography of DC:

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