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Why is Meg White's drum playing always criticized?

So apparently, her style is too simple or something, or she's not professional enough about her craft, and that the only reason she plays is because Jack taught her how and showed her a few easy rifts. But I'm still not too sure as to why she's considered to be "not very good".

What exactly is behind the musical criticism and what is it about her "style" (what IS her style btw) that people look down on?

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    I haven't really analyzed her style personally, I have only seen her play in a couple of their videos.

    What I would say from what I noticed is she is playing very simply. Most people are impressed by speed, skill, flashy and "hard" playing. Especially teens and "noobs".

    Having said all that, the White Stripes music doesn't call for crazy, flashy and technical drumming. That's the beauty of it. She still has to do the most important thing and that is "keep time". I also assume she crafts her own drum parts (and records them...could be wrong). IF that is the case then she deserves credit for playing very well for the song. Again, that sort of playing rarely gets credit either.

    I have played tough songs and have played a couple of White Stripes songs. I can appreciate that the songs and drum parts are good and solid. Kinda like just about any AC/DC drum part ever made. Meg might never win any drummer contests but she is making a living playing drums and is heard everywhere...if she honestly couldn't cut it she wouldn't have the gig.

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