What does CC and BCC mean when I am sending a e-mail?

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    CC= Carbon Copy

    BCC= Blind Carbon Copy

    when you send a mail .. use CC in case you send qa mail to a person that has more than one mail address so he / she will receive a copy in his/her other mailo addredd

    when you send a mail to many persons

    put one of the addresses in TO and the rest in BCC.. so all of them can only see the address written in TO and the rest will be hidden

    this is the best and safest way to send mail to many people

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    Bcc Means

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    CC is stands for carbon copy, it sends an exact copy of the e-mail to another person. BCC means blind carbon copy, where the original recipient of the e-mail canNOT see that you're forwarding it to another person.

    Source(s): my dad
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    CC= carbon copy, sent to whomever you select from your address book, and everybody sees all of the other names of those people, BCC= blind carbon copy, where all names are hidden for the others.

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