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What to wear with knee high brown uggs and a navy blue sirt?

I have no idea what to wear on top!! input please? prferably stuff from abercrombie kids cause i fit them perfectly and that way i know ill fit your suggestions! thanks!

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    it depends on what shade of brown it is, is it chestnut, chocolate or sand? and navy + brown just doesn't work out too well. i suggest maybe denim or a white skirt then you can add a cute sweater or hoodie from abercrombie or hollister. or maybe a nice v-neck sweater with a nice cami. but in all, i would suggest skinny jeans (from experience i know how hard it is to tuck in flared jeans into tall uggs) and if you do tuck in flared jeans, then it will stretch your boots out and they will look really disoriented :/

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    The brown uggs with a navy blue skirt already sounds like a disaster.

    Change the skirt to skinny jeans and then try a cami at abercrombie kids.

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    because light brown and navy r kinda plain colors go with something bold like bright red or cotton candy blue! be sure to match any accessories with ur tights. if u want a plane color try grayish, caramel, light blue

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