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Could I use .45 ACP dies for reloading .45 Long Colt?

I can understand why if you say no, but make sure it isn't just a knee jerk response.

Here's why:

I know .45 acp bullets are .451 and .45 long colt are .452, but it doesn't seem like that would matter much for expanding and seating, and it seems like the die could be long enough for those two jobs as well.

What I really mean is, are they safely interchangeable? I'm not going to try it if they are not. But I'd love to save myself fifty bucks.

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    The .45 acp cartridges are shorter than the .45 long Colt cartridges. While the die that you referenced will seat all of the listed cartridges, the .45 acp resizing die is too short for the .45 Long Colt cartridge to go all the way into. You might be able to re-size the mouth of the cartridge and that might be okay as long as the loaded cartridge would chamber but this will usually only work if you are loading for one .45 long Colt revolver. The shells will be fire formed for that chamber and may not fit into other chambers. So, I suppose if you are on a budget and cannot afford to get a set of dies specifically for the .45 long colt, you may be able to get by using the die that you referenced along with a set of .45 acp dies. You will have to de-prime the cases by hand because the .45 long Colt case is too long for the .45 acp de-primer to reach and knock out the spent primer. It will re-size the mouth of the .45 long Colt case but will not full length re-size it. The other dies can probably be made to load .45 long Colt by backing them off enough in the press so that the .45 long Colt case is not rammed into the die too far and damage the case mouth. After reloading .45 long Colt ammo, you will have to completely reset all of your dies for the .45 acp. if this is not too much of a pain in the butt, you can probably make it work.

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    Not the sizing die or the crimp die. The sizing die has to size the whole length of the brass to do it's job. 45 long Colt is a lot longer than 45 ACP and wouldn't be sized completely, thus negating the attempt. The crimp die might be capable of being set right right for the 45 long and it uses a different type of crimp than 45 ACP. One is taper crimped and the other is roll crimped.

    As far as a seating die goes, you may be able to use it. I use a set of .30 carbine dies to reload 7.62x38R nagant. It took a fair amount of double checking to make sure that it would work as intended and it sort of does. From what I am seeing, the seating die should work, but you will have to adjust it a little. So have a test casing available.

    By the way, if you want to save a lot of money on an expanding die; buy a universal lee expander die. It uses two differently tapered cones to size most calibers from .22 to IIRC .50. The die is usually around $10 and works well. I use it when I use cast bullets as that it puts only a small flair on the neck without over expanding further down from the very end of the neck.

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    Lee 45 Acp Dies

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    45 Acp Dies

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    Since the resizing is all done in the first 1/2" or so you can totally resize any 45 straight walled case in 45acp dies up to about 1.5"(in my Hornady new dimension dies anyways), the 45 Colt is only .387" longer than the acp, not a huge difference. And then there's this. Note where it says 45 Colt on the packaging.

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    The ACP is not long enough to full size the Colt, You should use the Colt dies for reloading. But I have used ACP to seat bullets on the Colt before.


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    NO NO NO. The 40 5 Colt is a rimmed case and lots longer than the 40 5 ACP. additionally they use diverse diameter bullets. Use the comparable rule as ammo in a gun. Use the perfect ammo for the gun and the perfect reloading kit for the ammo. which ability use the perfect stuff!

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    .45 long Colt is too long.

    .45acp dies can reload .45acp, .45auto rim, and .45gap, most of the time.

    So, no. Sorry.

    The die you show is specially designed to be able to handle .45 Long Colt..... most dies made for .45acp won't handle .45 long colt.

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    Yes the same size just adjust the bullet seating die when you make the change.

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